Give me a Spell

dear rose i am a 14 year old boy looking to experiment with witchcraft. to cut to the chase… i haven’t cast my first spell yet because the effects of it will determine my standings on magic… i want to use it soooo badly but i’m scared that my spell wont work, and my faith will be challenged. i guess what i’m asking for is a spell that is easy to use with the minimal amount [...]

Will I Learn Magic?

Will i Ever Learn Magic

I Need to Learn Magic

uhm, how can a magic spell work??? i really really need or learn how to cast a magic spell..

Controlling the Wind

dear rose i always feel that i can controll the wind. i somehow feel conected to it in some way. is there any way that i can controll wind and if there is how can i practise it. i hope it isnt too much of a ignorant question. thank you

Magic and a Guarantee

What spell can I use to guarantee me to get custody of my granddaughter Jimmi Marie Grace Ellis?Her other grandmother has tempory custody at this time.She is on drugs Please help?Thank you

Spirit Matters….

hi my names nancy, and i have a friend thats younger then me, shes 16 and im a bit worried about her, you see when she was younger she said to of had visions about events that were gonna happen and mabye a week or a monthe later they happend, she also mentioned strange dreams but all that ended when she lost her virginity, but a few weeks ago we were walking along a path, and i keept on walking ahead [...]

Family Finances

i would love to be a witch! i also recently loved fairies too! i just looooove magic! if i could have magic powers i would be able to help other people and also my family. i feel like i have magic in me. i had amazing dreams about me..,having it. i don’t know but i really would like to have some. i would like to help other people. i really need some cash right now. i have tried sooo many wishing [...]

Money Problems….

how to solve money problem. i made many time to loan at bank and now my salary is is not enough for my life and my family too

Herbs for the labido!

Is there any herb that I can add to my cooking or something to make my man want me in bed? Something to boost his labito?

Centering Myself

how do i find my ancestores. im lost in this life ,i know ive had a hard past life and i want to find myself. everytime i senter myself these runing things come up .im running from something and icant find out what. please ineed help they get worse every time i center myself.

Give me spells!

so why are magic been hidden in the dark side of the world why can magic world be know by the u know the way led to the lacigam world or magical world i keen to know and go to explorer the world of danger. And your magic spell only that much ist that too little

Stones and things….

Could stones be substituted? I have seen that many spells need stones(haematite,tiger eye etc) and in Singapore (my country) , i noticed that there is no new age shop, so could the stones be substituted with something?

Should I get back together with my boyfriend?

hi !! im wrighting you due i dont know how to take my boyfriend back he end owr relationship like 2 weeks ago he said he loves me and miss me but he is confused in his feelings we spend the last weeknend together due he call me we see each other at work and we talk a lot over the phone but really love him and miss him pls help me thx bye

Spells to improve my appearance!

hey im donna and ive been talkin to 2 ladys that cast spells for you i was wondering is there such things as perfect skin spells /perfect teeth spells/ biggr breast spells/ and all thos kinda things and i was wondering to you cast spells please get back to me asap i really need sum1 helps plz =( thankz bye

Will I see my boyfriend today?

Will i be Albe to See my boyfriend rupert michael grint today becuase i been have some minor problem with my not so cal step mother-in- law she mean cuael wicked wicth she that kind of mean and nasty evil kinda she mistreat me like 3 year old child but im not no 3year old child anymore she alway treat her stupid ass son dennis buie like king of jungle are whatever the fucking he is bu t i do know this [...]

Dedication rituals….

Rose…are you there? Where did everybody go? It’s me Art…the 3X99 guy:). I had written you recently to get your opinion on something and I received a response inviting me to purchase the Home Academy, which I’ve had for about 2-3 months. Anyways, I wrote you an account of my dedication ritual. I am not privy to too much privacy or peace at home so I took some time at work because [...]

What is it all about?

what is white magic all about?And what is black magic all about? wher do i find spells for white magic?

Planning a dedication…..

Hi Rose, It’s me..your favorite student Art Ledezma from Fresno, California. I need your opinion on something. I spent weeks..months, planning my dedication and the only obstacle I had was finding the time and privacy to do it.I had to work that night, but fortunately my job is a solitary one which allows me moments of privacy and seclusion. I found a spot which I felt suitable but was still [...]

Showing someone what you want….

Is there a spell for showing someone other than myself what they did to hurt someone?

Cooking spells?

how to have magic spells by cooking the ingriedients to have the spell
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