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Can you help me tune in to my dreams?

“i have been haveing these dreams for as long as i can remember its like i know them but when i wake up i cant remember them then i live them like i have done them before its sometimes funny and sometimes it scary. i knew before my husband and my mother had there affair i told them about it they did not listen then it happened. i have always wondered about these things if you can help me tune [...]

What are the meanings of my visions?

I’m having a lot of visions, what can I do to find out their meaning?

What happens if I die on the Astral Plane?

If you are traveling on the astral plane and some harms or even destroys your physical body, what would happen to your astral self ?

How do I lucid dream?

Im a newbie to this only been doing it a year and would really like your help so if you would teach how to lucid dream i would be very thankful.

I had a bad dream, what does it mean?

The other day i heard a new baby crying late at night and I called my family and they said that my cousin had a baby girl 3 hours ago and i had bad dream about a giant black 3rd eye it was scary why was it an omen or warning or what pls help .thx
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