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Is playing the card game Magic:The Gathering witchcraft?

is the playing card game magic witchcraft

Is Witchcraft Legal?

is witchcraft legal

What is the fundamental difference between Witchcraft, Paganism and Wicca?

What is the fundimental differences between Witchcraft, Paganism, and Wicca?

How does the Wheel of the Year work in the Southern Hemisphere?

I live in the southern hemisphere and the seasons are switched. When are the sabbaths then?

How do I tell if I’m a solo practitioner?

Marry Meet Rose, I need to know that if I am a solatery Wiccan. Why do I feel alone on my travel. I live in A town that does not exsept me for being Wiccin.. So I feel alone.Rose what do i do to feel Ok with who I am? Marry Part Gina

What is the difference between Wicca and Paganism?

I have a fairly simple question, that you will hopefully know the answer to…What is the difference between wicca and pagan? i keep hearing different explanations but everyone i ask are my piers and im hoping that because you are an expert, you’ll know a little more. thank you and blessed be, ZANDi

Gender transformation

this may sound a little silly, but please bear with me. there is a show titled Ranma 1/2. the main character, Ramna, fell into a magick spring and was cursed. his curse is this: whenever he is splashed with cold water, he becomes a girl. warm water will turn him back into a boy. please tell me if you know of any way that i can make something similar happen to me, or of any way that i can transform [...]

What does the symbol at the beginning fo the “Charmed” tv show mean?

wht does the sign on charmed the tv show mean?

Do you have to be born a Wiccan?

can you become wiccan if you were not truly born into it?

Can a mortal become a witch if he / she studies witchcraft and believes in it?

Can a mortal become a witch if they study witchcraft and believe in it?

Defining Witchcraft and Wicca

hi i was hoping you could tell me exactly the defination of wicca and witchcraft is thankj you very much

Finding a legitimate coven or teacher

i want to learn more i do not do well with reading and all like that i am looking for someone i can talk with and question everything so how would i go about finding a coven or a teacher that is legite in my area? thank you lola jean”

Is 14 years too young to practice the Craft? Is a spell written by another as strong as one written on your own?

Hi, Rose How are you i hope you are fine anyways i have a friend of mine and she into witchcraft and i was wondering is it alright for a young girl like say 14 to be into something of that magnitude well i want to know also can i ever getspells that are by another will they still work if you,yourself dont write them

Can you tell me how to fly on a broom?

“I need to know how to fly on brooms do you know how to do that? Please answer me as soon as possible and can you not right “”If you belive you can fly than you can fly”” because other sites send me that.”

What do the phases of the moon look like?


How do I talk to my parents about Wicca?

I have a problem i just needed to talk to someone about wicca my paretns found out that i have email about witchs and wicca and now there going crazy saying i might go to hell and a lot of stuff i dont know how i can show them i want to be this way i dont think of wicca like this is there any way u can give me some kind of advice on how to tell them this is how i can be?

How do I move on with my life?

I have been quite aware for a while now how unfulfilling my life has been up to this time. The man I am with is a Karmic relat. My spirits I have grown up with want him gone and me to evolve. I have also been told from a witch friend of mine that a certain man was to come who would change my life completely. I have too tender a heart most of the time to hurt anyone. And I have a bond of friendship [...]

What can I use instead of an open flame?

I work on ship and we are not allowed as per ships rules and maritime law to use candles on board.I really do want to learn and work out on the course.Please can u give me another alternative to a candle as i am very much interested to learn and go ahead with this course.I hope to kindly get a remedy to the above from you as soon as possible

What is the definition of the world “Pagan??

How do I find my totem animal?

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