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Hi Rose, It’s me..your favorite student Art Ledezma from Fresno, California. I need your opinion on something. I spent weeks..months, planning my dedication and the only obstacle I had was finding the time and privacy to do it.I had to work that night, but fortunately my job is a solitary one which allows me moments of privacy and seclusion. I found a spot which I felt suitable but was still somewhat exposed to the elements. To make a long story short..the wind kept blowing the candles out and knocking certain items over. It was not what I meant it to be although it still came from the heart. No one appeared…I heard no voices…no visions. One thing really grabbed my attention though. When I got back to my truck…I had some stones that I had cleansed in salt water…one of them being my snowflake obsidian pendant. I had them in a small plastic bag. It was a blustery night and fairly cool in the truck but when I put the pendant back onto its chain and put it on..the stone felt like a good 80-90 degrees warm against my skin. I felt the other stones but they were as cool as expected under the given conditions. I think of doing it over again…but my snowflake tells me I made contact. What do you think? Please RSVP…thanks teacher.

Hello there Art my dear,

Well, I would say that given what you have said, that there is little doubt that your dedication did indeed work – hence the warmth of the stone that you mentioned. So I am not really sure why you would consider redoing it at that point?

Here are a few suggestions about setting up the sacred space – including a few bits on setting up a space with limited space….

Setting up a Sacred Space

A quiet, peaceful place should be selected, regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors %u2013 as long as it is somewhere that work can be done and spells can be cast undisturbed.

Once selected, the space needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Traditionally a besom is used for this and the task is performed three times %u2013 once for the physical world, once for emotional cleaning, and once to cleanse the spirit of the place.

When this has been done, it is usual to sprinkle water and salt around the area and to burn a bit of incense (I am partial to sandalwood).

Next, the work surface, or altar, is prepared. It can be a tray, a table, a dressing table, an ornately carved piece of furniture, or even a sturdy bit of wood. It does not particularly matter, as long as you feel some connection to the item in question.

You will want to gather some candles to place on the altar – a silver one to represent the Lady and the moon and a gold one to represent the Lord and the sun.

You will also likely want to have a pentagram, a censer, a bowl of water, and a bowl of salt. Other items you may wish to have would include an athame, a chalice, a bell, and a wand.

Have any crystals or other items that you will use regularly stored in close proximity to the altar for ready access.

Once everything is in place, the altar should then be dedicated to whichever power it is that you call on when you cast your spells or perform your rituals. As a wiccan, I dedicate my altar to the Lord and the Lady. Others will obviously dedicate their altars differently.

Traditionally each of the four elements is then addressed. One way to do so would be as such,

%u201COh element earth, may negative energies depart, leaving only the positive. This is my will, so be it.

Oh element air, may negative energies depart, leaving only the positive. This is my will, so be it.

Oh element fire, may negative energies depart, leaving only the positive. This is my will, so be it.

Oh element water, may negative energies depart, leaving only the positive. This is my will, so be it.%u201D

As earth is addressed, draw a banishing earth pentacle over the bowl of salt.

As air is addressed, draw a banishing air pentacle over the incense.

As fire is addressed, draw a banishing fire pentacle over the candles.

As water is addressed, draw a banishing water pentacle over the bowl of water.

Say a final prayer to the powers which you entreat and your sacred space is ready to go%u2026.

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