A tarot reader predicted a bad thing between me an my future: How can I get rid of it?

Hello Rose Ariandne, How would one know if a curse was placed on them? I had my tarot read once and all they could see was something dark between myself and my future. I was only a teenager at the time and never really believed it but things just don’t seem to go very good for me. Is there some way I can reverse any wrong towards myself? Thanks.

Merry Meet, Seeker!

Oh, my goodness! You know … the curse is the reading. Let me explain to you why and how this works.

If somebody asks you whether you are ill on account that you are looking tired and off color, you will probably start feeling unwell because of the suggestion made. This is like a curse – because it took you from a state of feeling perfectly okay to feeling worse.

You were only a teen when this reading was done, now weren’t you. You were probably also in awe of the whole situation and anxious to hear what the reader had to say…optimistically wanting to hear the great things that life has in store for you.

What the reader did instead was to tell you that there was some ‘dark thing’ between you and your future. You believed her and the ‘curse’ took effect because you have been worried about this for some years now.

I intuit that the only ‘dark thing’ between you and your future is the irresponsible and negative reading you received. I also intuit that you have a happy life ahead of you – on all fronts!

To break the ‘curse’ is simple – all you have to do is the following: Write the words she said on a piece of white paper. Light a black candle and say the following with all the conviction you can possibly muster:

‘The dark thing was the words you spoke on the day the reading was done. I banish your words from my heart and my mind. As this paper burns, so will your words disappear into nothingness – never to haunt me again, never to prevent me from being happy and never serving as an obstacle to me being all I can be. As I will so mote it be!’

Set light to the paper and watch it burn the ‘curse’ away.

May the brightest of lights illuminate your path and may the Goddess bless every step you take!

Blessed Be!

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3 Responses to “A tarot reader predicted a bad thing between me an my future: How can I get rid of it?”

  1. Anna says:

    I love this. A great and simple way to rid your mind of the reading!
    In the future, I would not suggest going to any workers of the cards, as most are just in it for the money.

  2. Metha says:

    Omg!! do not listen to those card reader, do it yourself!! … they always say that you’re cursed, my mom got ripped off over a curse that wasn’t even there… twice!! it’s stupid! it’s how they all operate ….

    I’ve done tarot card reading for 8 years, I do it for myself or friends for free… In my experience with Tarot reading; you have to understand that your future is “FLUID” … meaning, it’s changeable based on your current decision. If you change your decision, you’ll simply change the outcome. To a degree… that is … but hey, if the outcome doesn’t change, and it’s bad, don’t fret, you most likely need the lesson! deal with it because it will take you to a higher understanding.

  3. Metha says:

    I recommend The Instant Tarot Reader: Book And Card Set By Monte Farber, Amy Zerner.
    It’s very good and teaches you how to do it accurately. You can get it at any Barnes n Noble or Borders.

    Good Luck.

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