Can a spell help me communicate with my father?

Can any spell bring back or let me talk to or even see the dead? PLease let me know I am 12 and i am really wanting to tal kto my father he died 2-3 years
ago I use to have a board but I wouldnt stop using it so it was token away
please help me so much i need this>

I am so sorry to hear about your father.  I know that it is very hard to understand why he left you while you were so young and that you have many things that you want to tell him, things you want to ask him.

The best thing you can do right now is try to talk to your mother or another adult you trust about all the questions you have. Using a board to try to communicate with him can be troublesome because you do not always contact the person you think you are talking with.

And, if your mother took it away, it was probably because she was concerned that you were using it too much. Trying to contact your father’s spirit is a noble thing for a child to do, but the best thing for you to do is to talk to people who love you and perhaps a counselor who can talk to you about grief.

It is very natural to miss your dad and want to see him or talk with him again, and you can certainly talk to him, but don’t expect to see him or hear him like you did before he died. Instead, look for the little messages that the universe will send you on his behalf and concentrate on the good memories you have of him.

Often you will find in your memories the answers you are looking for.

And, talk to other people about you father. Listen to the memories that they have and listen to the stories they tell about him. It’s not quite the same as having him there, but it will help you to have more good memories of your father.

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