Can I change my gender with a spell?

Is there a magic spell to change gender if so can you please tell me the procedure. thanx i would like to be a female!!!

I imagine there are a great amny transgendered men who would love it if we could answer your questions with a yes. Unfortunately, we cannot. There are a great many things that magic can do, but usually, directly affecting the material world in such a blatant way is not one of them.

I know that it is very difficult for a young man to feel trapped in a body that does not seem to be what he wants or eneds. And, there are spells you can do for guidance and wisdom and strength in dealing with all the social and physical ramifications of changing your sex.

The best thing you can do to start with is to ask for strength and clarity of purpose. Then, you have some very major decisions to make. If you are serious about wanting to change your sex and this is not a passing fancy (have you been considering it for years or for a few days?), then you need to investigate all the costs and requirements to do it. Having a sex change operation is very expensive and a tiem-consuming process.

It requires enormous amounts of counseling and drug therapy before you ever see a surgeon and then there is major surgery and the lifelong medication that follows to allow you to live as a woman. I personally recommend that you consider cross-dressing and finding a support group within the transgender community to see if this lifestyle is right for you.

I have a dear friend who is planning to eventually have a sex-change, and he attempts to regularly live the life he will have after the operation. This gives him insight into the real world problems that he will face both as a pre-op transgenered individual and as a woman once the surgery is complete.

If you are serious about this extreme change in your life, pray for guidance and concentrate your spells on wisdom and strength, for you will definitely need both. The woman I know who has completed her surgery is very happy, but she will be the first to tell you that it is difficult and trying.

Blessed Be!


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36 Responses to “Can I change my gender with a spell?”

  1. snake says:

    i have one of this spell but why do you need to be a femele?is bad!anyway sent me a e mail and i tell u something…

  2. billy says:

    please help me change sex

  3. eni says:

    please help me i am e boy but i wont to be a girl

  4. eni says:

    please help me i am a boy and i wont to be a girl pleaseeeeeee

  5. eni says:

    i am a boy and i wont to be a girl but how ? please help me

  6. i hope so i have wented to be a female for a long time that i hope you you can really make me a girl if not i hope i dye becouse you are my list hope to have a sex change

  7. c278 says:

    I want to be a girl. I wish it more than anything in my life

  8. perump says:

    i am a boy i like to beautyfull girl. please send me spell for that.

  9. perump says:

    iam a boy I like to become a beatyful girl.Please send me spell for that.

  10. Kitty says:

    i am a boy i like to be a pretty girl. please send me spell too. Thanks in advance.

  11. smith says:

    can i become a girl

  12. nicky says:

    i am a boy who wants to be a girl. please also send me the spell

  13. David says:

    can you also send me the spell for the sex change (male to female) sex change spell pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!?!?!? :`(

  14. Krystal says:

    Of course your magic can never touch the material world because magic doesn’t work that way. think of it like this: The principle of equivalent exchange. however in many cases people ask for more than they can give. the result is them paying back ten times for what they cast the spell for in the first place. To gain something, something of equal or greater value must be given in return. That is magic’s first law. if you didn’t know that about black magic then you shouldn’t be messing with it. There are black magics, which work under the principle of equivalent exchange. white magics which work under the principle of using what’s already there to cast the spells therefore nothing is asked for in return.and divine magics which both the caster and the magic each give a mutual share to cast the spell. Divine magic is by far the most powerful magic i have worked with as most spells i cast work right away and CAN BE SEEN in the material world. Divine magic uses nature’s spiritual energy and combines it with yours to cast elemental spells. If you are like me and use Divine magic please contact me so we can learn from each other!

  15. will wicker says:

    i reeeeeeeeaaaaaaally want to be a girl so please send me the spell and rose go check out

  16. Osnat says:

    I am female in heart and mind, physically I am male, I am also hidden deep in the closet. all i wish for is being female but cannot bring myself to surgery. how can i change myself without going under the knife? how can i make myself complete?

  17. Vivid says:

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  18. Magick says:

    I Wanna Be A Girl!! send me the spell please! =D

  19. chelsea townley says:

    hi i am a girl but how can i be tured into a boy

  20. leah says:

    pless send me the mail to… my highest wiah is to be a girl…
    i don’t know what to do with my life…
    but if i was a girl i would know ecalty what to do…

  21. Anon says:

    Personally I think that the best hope for TGs at the moment is technology. I’ve read some interesting articles on the subject of whole body transplants (brain transplants), genetic switches involved in determining gender after conception, and of course the one experience that wouldn’t interupt your general life; fully immersive artificial reality. To me one of the most worrying aspects as a working man is that if I should ever become female I wouldn’t be able to continue with my social and professional attachments. All my studying and hard work throughout my current life would be for nothing as I’d be a completely new individual and the thought of ever being called a freak or shunned by the people I care for scares me to death. The surgery doesn’t change your bone structure or facial features directly either, except if you want to spend thousands more on facial reconstructive surgery which could be disasterous should the surgeon be inexperienced, so you’d just look like a transvestite anyway. I feel that having the surgery is like trying to make something look like something it really isn’t which doesn’t help resolve the feeling of discomfort in one’s own body. Like trying to shove all the parts large sedan into a sleek roadster. You could concievable achieve this but it would never function like a roadster should.

    I’ve accepted the life I live because there is a lot of love and caring here. I’m getting married in two months and I intend to spend every day providing the best living conditions and all the love I can give to my fiance. She has dreams of what she wishes to achieve in her life and I’ll fight tooth and nail to try and realize them for her. She doesn’t have the same views around merging biology and technology and as I intend to live till at least 250 years of age, I’ll just start my new life when hers ends and the technology is available to achieve it.

  22. uncomplete says:

    I want the spell too (male to female). I think I can have a good life with girl body. Please, I really need that. But it’s better if also have the spell of female change back to male.
    Because I think this maybe effected other things in life.

  23. luis says:

    im a boy but i wana cange genders withoght anybody knowin help pleaseeeeeeee

  24. gabriel says:

    i too really wants to be a girl and if someone has the spell send it to me pleaaaaaaaase at [email protected]

  25. luis says:

    can you please send me a spell

  26. ... says:

    Exito ani fit ex lux vis ina astrus corposis abae alius ingenium… figure out the rest, I won’t help you any further.

  27. ... says:

    Oh, and also, in the full spell there’s a word “nox”. Please, don’t mistake that with “nix” – That would not be good.

  28. moosa says:

    i also wanna be a girl plz send spell i always be

  29. Oj says:

    Hi I really want to be a girl I’m a girl at heart trapped inside a mans body please can you send me this spell :)

  30. Shiree says:

    I’m a girl and I wish to be a boy.

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  32. john says:

    please make me a girl with big boobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. john says:

    also im a boy

  34. sam says:

    i am a boy who wants to a be a girl plz email me

  35. alex says:

    i want to know a spell which you can use to change your gender at will i’m a boy and sometimes i wish to be a girl and at others i’m glad i’m a boy plz email me at [email protected] if u has a answer

  36. za'riah says:

    science can effect the material world in such a blatant ways, and many spells I’ve seen can be replicated using science. science is stronger than magic.

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