Can I have a spell to get rid of bad luck?

I would like your help to change my bad luck which have been with me since childhood. Everything I have done is a failure. I can only think of one thing that could really change my life…to win the first prize in the lottery, or soccer betting. Can you help me with a spell for luck? Maher

Hi Maher- John the conqueror root and a shiny dime minted as close to the current year as possible in a green bag worn round the neck is a good lucky charm. If you want to stop continued bad luck that has been following you around, write what you believe to be the source of your bad luck on a piece of paper and stick it in one of the ice cube trays in the freezer.

Here’s a hint: the source of your bad luck has something to do with you, try not to put the fault on anyone else, you want to “freeze” whatever part of your psyche believes that you deserve bad luck. Most people who believe they are cursed in this way are harboring feelings of guilt. Bad luck only has as much power as you give it. You might also try telling yourself every morning in the mirror that you deserve good things to happen for you. (Yes, it’s an affirmation; you’d be surprised how much magick has to do with it.)

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  1. bill says:

    I am 55 years old and from my teen years until now, I feel cursed and without luck.

    I have gone through 3 bankruptcies, lost my job through 2 downsizings and 2 firings.

    I have a clean police record,a B.A. degree, a family man of 2 adult children.

    but everything I touch turns to crap. I have lost friendships because people tell me I am the unluckiest person they know and thye avoid me thinking it will rub off on them.

    I have cried and suffered from this. how do you tell someone this? they would think your crazy.

    please, I need to have “good” luck for a change

  2. ally says:

    what are some spells i can bring to my daily life for benifits with the guys

  3. alvin says:

    i have a problem like most other’s have , but i don’t how big is mine compare to others . For me i think is big , cos i am owened bank money nearly 100 thousand which inculd my house loan and bussniess loan . the bad part is that my buisness if fallen apart and i also have bad credit for my credit card , cos i was unable to settel them .so as for my question is . is there any fast and efective way/spell to run out from this critical situation. hopefully you can give a guide . thank you.

  4. Jackey says:

    I don’t know if you received my message. I have been trying for 3 years to find a better paying job. I have tried various money, love and good luck spells of which none have worked. I have spent money on others who claim they can cast the spells for me well that didn’t work out either. I have tried to find home base businesses to run to make extra money so far that hasn’t been good either. I need to help my family especially my grandchildren, they deserve so much more than they have been given. I am trying very hard to find ways to make extra money. I have prayed to God and he hasn’t answered my prayers. I am so frustrated and tired of living my life the way it is. I read in the bible that God helps those who help themselves well I have done that and nothing I have done has worked out. I am out of answers here. Please if you can see it in your heart to help me. I am not being selfish and asking only for myself but this will help the people that heavily depend on me. i have played the lottery and still nothing. Cast spells nothing. Please I am in dire need of your help. Thank you

  5. S says:

    I imagine in this economy there a more people suffering from bad luck. Mine has been with me for 2 years now. I springs from the anger I feel for my exhusband running off with a woman he met on the internet. From that moment I doubt myself and no longer feel I am worthy and deserving. Everything keeps getting worse and worse and it needs to stop.

    A guy I know who was in a similar cycle of bad luck just killed himself. I don’t want to hit that point.

    I just tried the ice cube tray.

  6. bruce says:

    i am disable and broke lost my home due to a dui driver who had no insurance as i spent 30 months in thearpy after 5 years my mom passed she left everything to my 2 brothers including the house i had given to her and my uncle with the understanding that they leave it to my son or me my uncle who owned half the house asked me to come live with him and help him i did 11 months later he passed he left me his half the house which he had paid for the part of the house they had to buy from my x so now my brothers want it all i have no more money to pay the lawyer with i was selling books on amazon till i got kicked off that paid my medical amazon said i was linked to a suspened account that i know nothing about so i am going to be living on the streets if i don’t get some kind of help can you give me a speel that will help me get my home without spending thousands of dollars i do not have and get amazon to reinstate my account as i need this as i cannot take anymore problems or stress as i have had enough i have given the lawyer all the money i had i have no way of getting anymore and he knows it i can prove my mom’s estate ows my uncles estate 50000 dollars but if the lawyer does not file the papers i am lost and i do not have the 5000 dollars he wants i told him i cannot get anymoney till i get the house and can borrow against it he told me to start all would be done at about 8000dollars but we have passed that he also said my brothers would have to pay his fee but now he says different please help me before it is to late as i have bills to pay and cannot unless i get amazon back in a hurry and have a lot of sales quick as i have given up and on my last leg and it ain’t holding up well about to fall and i know i will never get back up bruce

  7. Miya says:

    I cant seem to be getting a job or feel focused on my goals please help wat do i do? should also follow my dreams of becoming a model? Or shud i just let it pass i feel really unworthy my sister seems to be getting all the luck in the family and i am always looked down upon

  8. Anne says:

    Please can you help me get a job theirs so much fustration for me because i applyed for so many jobs in the past couple of months, jobs that i am quailfied to do but still cant even get interview. I am so scared that my i never get a job now at this stage. I be so gratefull if you could help me thanks.

  9. Joe says:

    Hi i have had so much bad luck in the past few months. Me and my girlfriend are finished, everything else has just collapsed in front of me. I have been getting in fights in and outside of college and now want to leave but cant. My family refuse to listen to me because lately they have found me too depressing. I no longer have any close friends, and i feel quite close to the edge. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks W.b.

  10. Belinda says:

    Please help me get rid of all this bad luck

  11. Buddy says:

    I have found that “luck” comes from within. As a child, when my father wanted to “win” something he needed but could not afford, he would buy the ticket, tell me we needed it, and let it go. I said ok, so let’s win it.
    we did, everytime. No huge lotteries, just small things we needed. As I grew older, I began to “lose” that luck, because I was learning “there is no such thing as being lucky”
    It is the innocent child that we bury when we begin to “grow up” and “learn” about our world. A child has no fear, no concern about money, is not afraid of illness. These fears are taught to us and begin to cloud our minds, consume our thoughts, weaken our ability to “let go”.
    Now, when I return to that state of mind of innocence, through simple meditation, forgeting the fears I have been taught, I re-energize the curiosity that comes with childhood.
    It is a form of cleansing, or centering.
    In our daily lives we send out so much energy in so many directions, that we forget we may need some for ourselves.
    Occasionally, sometimes frequently, we need to return to our own personal “inner child” and rediscover that freedom which comes from innocense, and naievete’.
    Do this alone for only a few minutes a day, think of nothing but things that intrigues a child: a butterfly, green pastures, what is in the sky, why is the sky blue, where does air come from…
    Allow this innocent curiosity to fill your being for just a few moments, just as you wake up, before your concious mind begins to cloud with the things you “have to do”.
    So far, when I remember to do this, on a regular basis, days start becoming “lucky”
    I do not ask for things I need, but they find me. When I forget to speak with my inner child…the “bad luck” starts to return, until my “child” and I once again have a chat.

  12. J says:

    I need to make a very bad man go away. To stop hurting me and the man i love. Dont want him hurt. Just want him to move far away from here.

  13. noahboa says:

    my life has been crap these past four years of high school, and especially this summer. Four times girls have catted (not shown up) on dates in one month, my plans for a vacation have fallen through, and i’m about to join the real world in a downer mood. i want good luck for my new life starting soon, is their any way things will get better?????

  14. Magdalena says:

    I believe in the magic.
    My ex made me believe that he is the one who plays the bigest part in the relationship yet in fact he was the one who cause me more harm than wishes.That can be checked.
    I believe by hating someone even spiritually you can put a bad spell on youself.I don’t have to even like that person my ex but it cost more to put time for that men. I become like a men-heater just because I think of that men.I can’t heat or love that kind of person like he is.


  15. ruth says:

    my name is ruth, im 27. im an alcoholic. everytime i try2 get better bad things happen, 2day, a pidgen i rescued had to be killed because it was dieing, a random scrap collecter knocked on our door, very strange because we were clearing out our garden at the time, we told him about the pidgen, to our surprise, e keeps homming pidgens, he snapped its neck, but it was still alive, so he did it again. earlier 2day one of our guineapigs died, then 2night, my dogs killed a hedgehog.we have got chickens, they dont lay eggs anymore for no reason. there is something wrong in our garden, evil. i did an ouigy board wen i was young, since that, my life has been bad. i think of things and they happen, something good happens, then something bad happens after like im being played about like a horrid game. sometimes i feel that im doing it without knowing.

  16. lonelY says:

    I am the unluckiest girl alive…i chose to studY at one of the best colleges..bu t there every1 has a fren except sooo lonelY tht m starting to feel suicidaL..i tried applYing at another college,but things didnt go my il be stuck at tht college for another 4 years..i tried making frens but nobody likes me there(im not uglY or bad-mannered) i’l think i’l havta end mY life T_T

  17. Michael says:

    My luck has change from lucky to bad in these past 5 years. Since I got married 5 years ago my luck has changed. My luck became blurry. Recently, my car was parked at work. I parked reverse. When I came out my car was moved. Basically it drove itself out and parked I view that camera at work no one got in nor out. It did a 90 degree turn if you can say. Then the next day someone tried to break into my house. But failed to get in. So my door is all busted up. I thinking someone cursed me. I need some help. I have always believe that I have luck. Now not so sure. I am beginning to lose hope, but still holding on a little.

  18. Bonita Mama says:

    I feel like I can’t win for losing most days…It’s like this whirlwind cycle that never stops. Within the past few years, my life went from growing up in an alcoholic family, to going awesomely wonderful, down to ‘Oh crap, what next?’ I had moved out of my drunk father’s house and into my own with my daughter, and things were great. It was just me and her. I was making pretty decent money at the job I was at- something most without a GED or HS Diploma can say. Suddenly, my job was snatched away from me, I lost my house, had to move into my ex’s house in a room in the basement with my daughter, and I couldn’t find another job. And to make it all worse, I had a sister who lived up the street from my old house that refuse to let me stay with her, even though she had 2 extra rooms, and lived alone. She didn’t want me there til she lost HER job, and then it was only because she needed what little money I was able to come up with babysitting and leaning a house every now and then. Plus whatever food stamps I was getting. It just seems like everything has gottenworse as time has went on. I can’t pay the bills I have, I can’t afford to go back to school so I can get myself a job that could lead to a career…I am at a loss. I want better for myself and for my now 3 daughters and my husband. Give me SOMETHING I can use here…PLEASE.

  19. marika says:

    I feel nothing is working for me,since built up our house 13 yrs ago, so many jelousy people took us around with negative energy,effected our current relationship, ignorance, saddness, humiliated by other people, financial struggle, and accident prone,sickness and lounliness generated around us, which was unexplanable, felt the entities around us,strange things happening lately, feels like somebody hold you back and can’t get a job, study what I work hard unuseful, here I am now, I just suffering, I cant pay my bills and provide food for everyday. I feel hopeless, do not know how can I change and get out of this cycle. Please help me to inform me what cause it, and what is the best solution to be back to normal me. My soul is suffering. Thanks for help

  20. rachel swanker says:

    I have been having bad luck over the last 3 years I have lost my job, we are about to lose our house, don’t have money to pay the bills I need to change my luck. I want to have good luck for once. please help.

  21. a-train says:

    In the past 2 wks, I got a DUI bc I was driving a friend that was too drunk to drive, my purse was stolen w/wallet and all credit cards, drivers license, ck book and only set of car keys,and 2 cell phones – 1 work w/all work contacts and my personal), my exboyfriend that I thought was my soul mate and honestly going to work things out got engaged to a girl after 5mths (only person I felt like that abt in my whole life and I’m 35),I got a new job 4 wks ago and as I’m looking at places to live (currently friend and husband are letting me stay w/them bc I got laid off even tho I was top performer) I find out yest that my new company is going to be bought out or close. This will be the 4th company I’ve worked for that’s being bought out or downsizing. WTF?! All I want is a stable job, a place by myself and to meet a nice man to marry and start my own fam…I’m intelligent, attractive, very hard worker, funny and a Christian (although my faith seems to be putting to the test). Just needed to vent as I believe our lives are what we make of it and how we react/handle situations. I’m just glad to know I’m not the only one that’s is literally the black cloud…don’t have 1 following me bc I am 1! Oh did I mention I fell on ice and busted my chin open and car wouldn’t start first day on new job?

  22. Janice says:

    This is the remedy for bad luck. In the east people practice the Mandi Bunga ritual to dispel bad luck. Its quite an easy procedure and it works. Try it.

  23. chantelle says:

    rose i have had bad luck for many years and tried everything i can think of to help myself i have problems in social situations, with my work and my romantic relationships. please help me to beleieve the positive things i try saying to myself . thanks

  24. jackie says:

    Please help me rid all the bad luck around me and my family. We are all in a financially bad situation either personally or in business, this has been happening since 2002, nothing has gone right for any of us and I just want us all to be happy and not have these financial stresses around us anymore, please could you give me some advice on how to get rid of all this bad luck that surrounds us. We are nice kind people and really don’t deserve this situation.

  25. susan rose says:

    say this to get luck

    By thee I ask
    (breath in)
    (breath out)
    By thee i ask
    to inhance thee by the power of luck
    to inhance thee to inhance thee
    (spin three times)
    Power of thee inhance me!

  26. Michaela says:

    This is for everyone who commented, don’t take this in any harmful way.
    I believe that witchcraft is used for good.
    Good for the world and other people.
    Problem’s with money is not bad luck,
    everyone wants more then what they have.
    When Rose says White magick
    is to help other people, she means not yourself.
    Dont be a witch to spoil yourself,
    give, use your powers to help others in need,
    and in return you will get happiness(what you want).
    God will give you powers, so you can heal the earth.
    End war, stop drugs, love, and all good in life.
    Yes money is good and a big part of most peoples lifes, but, cant people not use magick to get more money.
    God, only lets the trustful, giving, people, keep there powers.
    He can take them away from the witches that dont follow his way of life.

    This is just what i believe the right thing, about witchcraft is.
    I believe in witches with all my heart.
    Im now a beginner.
    Thank you for your time.
    I would love to hear repplys

    Peace to the world.

  27. margaret says:

    I have a problem with bad luck or it feels like someone is cursing me with bad luck/bad karma. I play the slots and come close to big jack pots or lotto wis. how can i stop this person or voodoo curse what ever it is without going to more psychic who just take my money and deliver nothing ?

  28. Rob says:

    You people are fucking unbelieveable. Not all of you but some of you really should just jump off a bridge!! Seriously..the kid who thinks hes cursed cuz he cant get a date ? and because your girlfriend broke up woth ..or what about the person who cant get a job..hmm ever think it could be the ECONOMY AND PRESIDENT BUSHS FAULT ? try fucking living with yourself after you find out you caught HERPES from a girl that you loved and trusted!!Imagine going bald at the age of 18… Try to imagine how its like to spend a year saving $14,000 , so you can move out of your parents house and start your new life.. just so you can have a GOODYEAR CAR MECHANIC, tell you that your car repair is going to cost approximately $14,000 and end up getting ripped off, when the initial problem should have only costed $400..Imagine being accused for a crime that you did not commit..and having the police come arrest you at your job..and end up getting fired. Add that you quit your 2nd job because you could not put up with their shit anymore..and thought that everything will be ok because you have the other one..than end up losing both..and left with NOTHING!! Imagine being a musician and relying on your computer to record your music..and your files dissapear out of nowhere..(ON A MACHINE YOU NEVER HAD PROBLEMS WITH) and than send it to a PROFESSIONAL to get only end up paying the man to permanently damage your computer to the point where it wont even turn on…

    walk in my shoes..

  29. jill says:

    i have so much bad luck in 2010,was just hoping for a little bit of happiness and to get rid of all my stress x

  30. allison says:

    I moved into my house 8 years ago, before i lived here an old women lived and died here. For the past 8 years i have had bad luck around love and relationship, is there anything i can do??

  31. ayonia says:

    my life is upside down. Ive got people doing spells on me on my boyfriend, and my father. I have done everything i know how to do. I beileve in god! But i know there is something esle out there that’s giving me bad luck. I dont want to do spells cuz they never work anyway. But i’m lost right now can anyone help me. Please!

  32. Hasnain Rehman says:

    Hello there
    like many others I am a victim of bad luck … i’ve lost my job recently, lost my house, lost everything i had .. and have been a failure since i was young … i doubt if I have a bad luck or something has been casted upon me … i have 2 kids … in my married life of 3 years, i’ve only soent 2 years with my family and 1 year i have been abroad trying to settle but even that has come to end .. thanks to my bad luck … pls help me … pls tell me what should i do … i lost my job right when i planned to study so i could grow.


  33. lyd says:

    hiya, i do not normally write on these sort of things, but i am trying to change the luck for me and my family, on new year 2009 my granddad had a heart problem and nearly died, and my nana before this lost her husbend when she was only 29! so seeing this was awful, and then last new year the worst thing ever happened, my dad, my best friend was killed in a car accident on new years day… and just that night me and all my family members agreed to make 2010 our year.. and then this. I feel nothing goes right for either me or my family and i hate that i do all that i can, but obviously now i cannot bring my dad back… i always did believe you create your own luck with karma, but me and my family are good people, it all started when i was 14 and my parents split and i didnt expect it at all, i did not understand any of it as they never actually left each other even though my mum moved out… i then developed an eating disorder but didnt realise myself that i had, and i feel this selfish act that i did not mean to do has caused my family the bad luck?! i work so hard and as do my family… my mum and dad were meant to be getting re-married last year.. we have struggled so much since last new year… i cant go into detail about all my family members but nothing seems to go right for them and i wish to change that, we are not bothered about money but about happyness and the joy of being alive and living our lifes… what can i do… i give up on men as they have all broken my heart. i just want my family not to have to worry anymore.. how do i do this?

  34. Exelent blog and great information too. Congratulations and thanks for sharing this info to all your visitor… Btw how did you get a clean site like this? Once again thanks a lot.

  35. Unlucky says:

    Im glad i found this website, for people experiencing bad luck!
    It makes you realise you are not the only victim!
    Im always surrounded by people who have good luck! To them we are branded losers! Only because they do not understand what it is like to have a permanent black cloud over our heads 24/7!
    Which makes us all feel like an outcast! to the lucky people!
    Im convinced i have been cursed with a bad luck spell!
    I have wasted thousands of pounds, on liars!
    Who lie, telling me they can break
    the black magic!It does matter if you think positive or not!
    If you have a bad luck spell,
    it will follow and destroy every aspect of your life, like it has done to mine!
    My heart goes out to all the victims of bad luck!
    Only we can understand the pain,
    of the other unlucky victims!

  36. Bettie Marez says:

    Thanks for your information on this blog. A single thing I wish to say is the fact that purchasing gadgets items from the Internet is certainly not new. Actually, in the past decade alone, the marketplace for online gadgets has grown drastically. Today, you will find practically any specific electronic system and product on the Internet, which include cameras and also camcorders to computer pieces and game playing consoles.

  37. Crystal says:

    I am experiencing so much bad luck it is making me very depressed. My husband and I do not have family that cares about us, when we tried to reach out to them for help, they spit in our faces and told us to get over it. We went several years without talking to them and it is clear they do not care about us. We have a wonderful baby who everyone else thinks is great except our families, I get sad when I see other families so happy and know mine is shit. My husband and I don’t have any friends, we have tired so many times, but nothing works out and the friends loose interest in us. We have even hosted parties and bought things for the friends and they still don’t care and run off with other people and leave us in the dust. We have tried church and people there have shunned us as well. Both our jobs are shitty. We do make decent money, but my job treats me horrible and my boss says horrible things to me, I have tried looking for another job and can not get hired anywhere else. My husbands job is just as bad. We have a really nice house, but we are paying way to much money for it and can not get out of it. If we sell our house right now we would loose a lot of money. We want to move so bad and start over, but no jobs come up and our house situation makes it extremely hard to get out of. All I want to do is live a happy life with friends and just be happy. I really do believe I have a spell on me, My life was not always this bad. PLease help me, I need to find a way to get rid of this bad luck and be happy!

  38. Kyle says:

    I agree with you Ketih and to calm myself down I remind myself that I am going to *pull the plug* on this higher life form deity who is controlling lives and letting criminals win and the good guys lose it all and be out in the streets.

    This entire world is basically in a catch 22 right now.

    This higher life form tries to make me feel anxious to the point where I say regretful words to people to self sabatoge myself and I tend to gravitate people away from me once they know me.

  39. Kyle says:

    Why is it that I can rarely ever win at anything and usually come out last place? Is it because of my hidden guilt about winning? I have often told myself that I do not deserve to win or “You shouldn’t like winning” even though I have no clue to where them thoughts came from but they keep on pestering me.

    Speaking of thoughts: How do I make them go away as I usually get a strange feeling of depression and boredom following where I feel like everything in life is boring.

  40. Kyle says:

    I am having many mental problems with these thoughts and if I say anything to other people I get the “Things will get better” crap and they never do at least for every long before another problem happens.

    Whenever I do try to relax then I get problems that were worst then whatever was happening before so I always have to be on edge in life wondering when the next disaster will strike.

  41. Kyle says:

    Is this normal to be so worried about a financial disaster that one cannot relax their body and feel themselves at peace with the world despite it’s faults?

  42. cerys says:

    i am very scared i have just broke an mirror and i and quite worried but i have put a bit of salt on my left shoulder but i not think it will be anouff plz help me i am literally crying at the min because i dnt want anything bad happen to me or my family or anything i am quite scared soo can u plz help i really need ur help i am like beggin u plz get back

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  44. Elena says:

    Hello guys,
    After reading every comment in here, It seems to me that most of you have already given up and accepted hopelessly your actual situation, But where is the action to change this bad luck?… It’s like having a nail stuck in your foot, it’s painful.
    I also believe something happened to me in childhood, call it black cloud, curse, or bad luck, I know the feeling, but I have faith that one day I will be able to smile and feel happiness in my life again. Anyway, change start with you! so read a book, talk to a wise person, start an online community. And most important don’t let negative thoughts get to you, because they will only attract more bad luck into your life like a magnet.

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