Can Magick remove fear with spells?

I really believe in magic and supernatural powers. But I have a terrible fear of evil ( Satan and black magic) and for me, sitting in the dark alone would be impossible! Sometimes I feel like I have a serious problem with that fear. I need to learn some easy money, protection and luck spells which don’t require a lot of ingredients. I searched for many websites on the internet but I couldn’t find what I need. I would be appreciative if you send me some easy spells to get me money – and to get rid of this fear of darkness that I have.

Practitioners of earth magick do not believe in Satan, or hell. There is no good or evil other than what we allow to grow in our own lives. Easy money spells are dangerous and usually backfire, or you will end up paying a price that you are not willing to pay. Read ”The Monkey’s Paw.” For protection, luck, and fear facing spells, read “A guide for the solitary practitioner” by Scott Cunningham or anything by Silver Ravenwolf. These are both good guides to get you started. We love the dark. It is our ally and our friend. In the burning times and during the inquisition, practitioners of earth magick often had to meet under the cover of darkness or risk being captured, tortured, and stoned to death (This was actually much more common than burning witches at the stake, which was only popular in the last part of the burning times, and then only in America.) There is nothing in the dark that isn’t there during the day, and night time is not your enemy, but rather your salvation.

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  1. scott john hembleyq says:

    I have a trick question: i’m very tempted to use voodoo for evil and nothing but evil on those who hate me. Obviously, i can’t do it because it will all come back to me and stuff. is there a good kind of spell that can compensate for my hateful tendencies, something to cancel it out?

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