Can Witchcraft make me immortal?

No, why would you want to be? Again, immortality is the stuff of Hollywood, and they do tend to glamorize it. I should think it would be lonely and boring, watching everyone you love grow old, grow sick, and die. Everyone, forever. You would never find out if there was anything to look forward to after death, never get the chance to reincarnate, and never be able to let anyone really get close to you. Live life and be happy while you have it. Immortality is for the arrogant and the selfish.

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2 Responses to “Can Witchcraft make me immortal?”

  1. jerry roach says:

    im asking for some help with my life please reply thank you ill reply by tommorow night byy bye

  2. Sherin says:

    Hi Rose,

    I want to say that you are truly special and your clear dedication to your craft is amazing.

    I do have a question. I love a man, who I believe loves me. But due to an incident in his past, he is now very afraid of love and commitment, not just to me, to everyone. Even his friends. He never stays friends with anyone for long as he believes nothing is forever. I would like a spell casted for him to not be afraid and to just go woth his feelings for me, if he has them. Is this possible? Am I messing with his free will? I don;t think I am as I’m not asking him to suddenly have feelings for me, just be not afraid of them if he does. I just want to love and look after him. I truly have the purest of intentions. Please help me. Love Always

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