Can you do a love and money spell for me?

Dear Rose,

Can you do a love spell for me, and a money one?

I am not as good at it as you are. I do not have the money to pay you obviously yet but I will.

My name is Pamela Jean M., and my husband is Joseph Michael M. I live in Oregon. This last year has been the worst ever imaginable. I can not even go into it anymore because it has been devastating.

Instead of a love spell something like an attraction sexually to the opposite sex would work good to help me get my self esteem back.

I thank you and bless you for this. He thinks after seventeen years he does not have to offer me intimacy anymore out of a obsession to control me. I want this to stop. I have asked everyone including God to help me. If you can I well repay you in kind.


Pamela M.

Dear Pamela,

First and foremost, I am so sorry you find yourself in this situation. Take some solace in the fact that thousands of people find themselves in similar situations, as painful as it is

I am also sorry that I don t believe in casting spells for others. The reason is, you can do far more powerful Magick for yourself than ANYONE can ever do for you (no matter how experienced they are).

You see, Pamela, you have a personal connection to your problem. A very emotional connection and this is the source from where your power will come.

(A little tangent you know those spell casting services that charge $29 or $79 for a spell to be cast remotely? I believe it is hogwash, for the most part. The reason is, these people who are supposedly casting spells for you, have no idea who you are and more importantly, they have no emotional connection to you, or your desire.)

And about your thoughts regarding a spell to increase your sex appeal (and your confidence) I am not exactly sure that is the right thing to do.

Your lack of confidence could be a part of the problem, but I think an even deeper root is a loss of passion, and the base connection you had with your husband early on in your relationship.

You need to focus on rebuilding that connection, and your self confidence. For rebuilding the connection with your husband I have to point to a very powerful (and long) ritual in my Home Academy. It is the single best ritual I have ever seen for rekindling the passion, love, and care in a long relationship. There is no way I could possibly lay this ritual out for you (it is too big) which is why it is on the Ultimate Love Spell Mastery bonus DVD in the course.

If you are interested, Pamela, here is where to get more information:

Even more importantly, is to focus on your confidence first and foremost. And for that, I have something quick that can really help

It s a self love bath, and it is absolutely wonderful!

Pick a time when you have at least 45 minutes to yourself

Decorate your bathtub with live plants all around it along with some of your favorite candles, and some calming, soothing music.

Collect fresh blossoms and add them to the nice, warm bath water.

As you bath in the water of blossoms, feel the energy from the living things all around you fill your heart with belief in yourself and Love for yourself.

Then, gaze at the candles, and feel the soothing warmth of their glow fill your soul with comfort, and confidence in everything you do in the person you are.

As you relax, think about all of the positive things you have done in your life the positive qualities that are within you. Push away everything negative that pops into your mind, especially the depressed state of mind you ve been in

Only positive, wonderful thoughts should fill your heart, and your bath. It is your bastion of confidence, and let it fill you to the brim!

I promise, you will feel much better


Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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