Can you help me with my relationship?

i need help with my relationship! i dont know if you can help me! me and my bf brandon have been going out for about 2 and a half months! but hear latly he has been acting really weird! and i dont know what it is! i feel like he is not in love with me any more1 he dose not talk to me like he used to and he does not show me that he loves me! and another thing i want to know how to do spell s because i want to learn! thank you for your help please tell me what i should do about me bf brandon! thanks again allison

Dear Allison,

What type of spells are you interested in doing?  You should learn about the Faith and then investigate to see what types of spells you are most interested in doing.

In regards to your boyfriend, I suggest that you try just talking to him. Sometimes, after you have been dating for awhile, it becomes very easy to take one another for granted.  Maybe he doesn’t know that you are feeling ignored and like he doesn’t love you. Ask him if things have changed or if he feels differently.

And, do not assume that whatever is going on with Brandon is necessarily about you. Sometimes, men are less open about their feelings than women and find it difficult to share with their girlfriends. If he is unwilling to talk about it, then you need to decide for yourself whether his actions are so bad that you cannot continue to be his girlfriend.

If you are just concerned that he isn’t talking to you like he used to, I would suggest that you try starting a conversation about things that interest him. Does he like sports? If so, ask him about the football playoffs.  If he likes comic books, ask him about his favorite character. Often, when we first start seeing soemone new, we talk about everything under the sun because we don’t really know each other. Then, when we feel like we know each other, we stop asking each other things about our interests and stop talking in general.

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  1. sara says:

    hi i think you can help me everybody is telling me that my bf is cheating on me and he is alwas asking me what would you say or do if i broke up with you and he was calling my sis sexy and i love him butt i dont no what to do. :)

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