How do you know if you are a hereditary witch?

I get this question a lot lately. If you had a witch in the family, chances are that you are aware of it only through rumor, as most real practitioners of wicca keep it pretty quiet, even today. It doesn’t matter whether you are or not, as the teachings ned to be passed down through the generations, you may have had some formal training from one of your relatives that you didn’t recognize as wicca at the time, but more than likely you are not a “hereditary witch” and even if you were, that doesn’t automatically make you a witch. These things must be learned.

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  1. sophea moeln says:

    hi there
    i dont know if im an witch or anything eles, sometime i have dreams that i feel so strong when iwake up, when i know when i wake up i sweat and my heart pump very fast. when i have of them dreams i feel an strong feelings like its an prediction or an sign telling me somthing. some of my prediction comes true, its like an puzle i have to figue out for my self. i know it strange, but i have an erge to find out, like an string feeling i need to know. sometime when im awake i also have prediction too. i know when i was younger i have this feeling inside me, as soon when i get older now the feeling is getting stronger the older i get.
    so can you tell me what am i?

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