Where do I get Witch training?

How can you train to become a witch and learn how to handle magik in the right way?

Some people opt for a traditional practice, such as that taught by the Gardenarians. Others lean toward solitary practitioner, such as can be found by reading good books and putting the information into practice, like Scott Cunningham’s guide for the solitary Practitioner, which is one of the best beginning books for those interested in wicca. The book has a wealth of information in it. If you want to hook up with others of a like mind, check out the nearest occult bookstore and read their flyer postings, many wicca holidays are celebrated outside and extend invitations to the public–a great place for networking.

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  1. Martita says:

    Dear Rose you asked me if I did any spell and my answer to you it is not I will only
    do it for something very urgent but it is very reasuring to know that you posses them. You very kind and it is a pleasure to know you Thanks and God bless you

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