Where do I get a handfasting done?

I am solitary in my beliefs in my family, however i am about to mary a man who was christened into the christian faith,he however loves me for who I am.We are to be wed in the church of england but he has agreed to do a hand fastening ritualin respect of my beliefs.Where can I find someone to peform this ceromony for me. Many thanks.

Blessed be to you and your intended. Many couples choose to have both a hand fasting ceremony and a secular ceremony, as hand fasting is not recognized in the traditional sense–health insurance and the like–If you’ve been practicing solitary for awhile, you must know someone you can ask about wicca priestesses in the area, or at the very least, check with your occult supply store. Many times wiccans who perform handfasting also have certificates from some sort of church allowing them to sign marriage certificates. As a last result, download a copy of the wiccan reed off the internet and have a close, personal friend who understands what you are doing perform the ceremony.

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  1. Minister Bernie says:

    We do this all the time for couples,in public groups like a wedding,or in private with witness.We give a certificate at end of the ceremony.It is not a leagal wedding,so a marriage certificate can not be issued.

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