Is there a spell for lasting friendship?

Hi Rose, do you have any spells for lasting friendship? I keep making the wrong decisions about the people I choose to become friends with. I want to meet some nice sincere people for true friendship and not people who use me.

Merry Meet Carol!

It is so true that good friends (TRUE friends) are very hard to find in this world. And also, make sure that when you find them, you hold them close to your heart appreciate every day, every moment you spend with them. Friendship is a delicate and beautiful thing.

The truth is, I have some advice (as always ) and yes, I have a something you can try Magickally to help. It will open the doors of friendship in your future, indeed.

First, it is important for you to open yourself to receive friendship. At first, it should be a conscious effort to look people in the eye whenever you have a chance (as long as you don t STARE ) whether it s in the mall, walking down the street, at the grocery store, or anywhere else.

Opportunities to meet new people are around us every day. Unfortunately, many of us are so caught up in our own lives and problems and we miss a lot of opportunities to meet wonderful people and we don t even realize it.

So, first you must open your arms to people give them a friendly hello when you normally wouldn t have before. You ll be surprised by who you meet

Now, here is a special powder you can use to speed things up a bit to open doors of friendship in your very near future Rose Ariadne s True Friend powder.

Set up your altar as normal, and cast your protections (if you don t know how to do this, make sure to grab my book :

As you sit in the light of your candles, grind the following up in your mortar and pestle (or in a bowl with a spoon if you don t have a mortar and pestle):

* Rosemary leaves
* Dried sage
* Salt
* Sugar

Grind all of these things into a fine powder. While you do this, visualize the qualities of your perfect friend. How will your friend make you feel? What kinds of things will you talk about? What is your friend s demeanor is he/she funny, emotional, happy, etc?

Visualize these qualities until you can almost feel them When you are done grinding your ingredients, open your circle, thank your deities, and clean up your altar. Put the powder in a safe place

Every time you plan on going out (into town, or anywhere where there will be other people) rub just a little of this powder between your hands, and sprinkle a little bit on your shirt You ll be amazed at who shows up

I hope this helps Carol, and remember once you have found some wonderful friends, nurture that relationship. Spend time with them it s the most valuable resource in the world. Time.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

3 Responses to “Is there a spell for lasting friendship?”

  1. Melissa says:

    Wow this looks really helpful i am going to try it right away! :)

  2. Rhonda says:

    If I could get a good money spell like this freindship spell I be a Happy person, In plain words of a person that don’t have friends this spell work wonders in my life
    I love you Rose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Linda May says:

    G’Day, I have had a read through your info in here . I have over the last few decades grown away from the christian religion I grew up within for various reasons. I have sort of developed my own way of relating to the world , without direction from, though some influence from pagan friends in the web. After reading your beliefs in here I recognize that some of the things I have grown to believe in are possibly wiccan in origin. My belief in myself being part of and from the earth and trying to nourish it/ grow things from it being foremost. Also my attempts to project my um um, > I dunno how to describe it,I project my thoughts through my own version of meditation. Do you think I could be being led towards wiccan type stuff from somewhere?

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