How do I make my own voodoo dolls?

Rose Ariadne,
Could you please explain to me how to make my own voodoo dolls, what kind of herbs do I put in it and what not. I want to make a doll to bring back the love of my life .. Please help.

Many thanks.

Blessed be,

Hello Yoda! I must admit, this is a very hard question to answer in a public forum like this site. I definitely understand your point of view though. I prefer to call them Poppets , and when used properly, they can yield very powerful results.

That s why I have to back off a little bit and not answer your question completely. You see, Poppet Magick can be misused, and it can be harmful to you, and the person you use it on if you are not careful.

That s why I can t go into full detail about how to make a poppet in a public newsletter, because I don t know your experience level, your intentions, or how you plan to use this knowledge. That s what my private teachings are for (and I teach a LOT of Poppet Magick in my Home Academy).

But I will tell you some herbs you can use that are effective in matters of the heart, love spells, and even Poppets. But first, a little something to think about

Loosing someone you Love brings an inexplicable sadness. The more we Love, the more we loose. And your heartfelt sadness is a universal emotion, shared by many. People get broken hearts every day, and most recover and are better for the experience. I would never advise anyone to attempt to influence someone to Love you, who has made the decision to go on please think about what you desire, and then think about if it isn t best to move on with your own life.

It may not seem like it yet, but there are wondrous things ahead of you but only if you make the decision to move on for yourself you ll be happy to see what life has in store for you.

And now, for some love drawing herbs you can integrate into your Poppet Magick and any other Love Spells

Ambergris awakens love and emotion
Apple Blossom love and friendship
Balm of Gilead for new love
Cherry for love
Cinnamon lust and love
Clove lust and love
Clover for love
Damiana lust and love
Ginger love

and many more. See if you can use some of the above herbs for use to open the doors of love in your life, Yoda. I d recommend a ritual to help you get over your heartbreak, and open doors of new love into your life (but it is important to complete the grieving process, so you can start fresh and pure)

I hope this helps, and I m sorry I can t go into more detail about how to cast Love Magick with Poppets, it s a very touchy subject

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

24 Responses to “How do I make my own voodoo dolls?”

  1. Gabriel S. Briones says:

    Hi, Rose Ariadne,
    im so glad that i meet you… can you tell me how to make magick poppets and how can i learn telekinesis spells….. if u dont like it to sent it in pulic just send it in my e-mail…. [email protected]
    from gabriel briones from philippines….

  2. lillibeth and peter says:

    i want voodoo spells back my husband again love me i want to know married back try get voodoo doll here how work with my husband name peter johnson III need back family how

  3. Roshanda says:

    how do i use a voodoo doll

  4. Lynn says:

    Err…Well, I feel kind of awkward stating my issue, but here goes:
    I’m very young still, in fact, I just turned 14. Now, I don’t aspire to force someone to love me, but something a little similar.
    I want courage. I want to be more outgoing so that I can talk to the guy I like. Is it possible to give myself courage through a voodoo doll (or poppet)?
    I have been extremely shy all my life, therefore missing oppurtunities with really great guys.
    I know my problem may seem unimportant to adults who face bigger conflicts everyday, but I really like this boy and I don’t want to go on never talking to him. So if it’s possible, and if you don’t mind, can you please tell me how to make myself more bold and outgoing?

  5. Dominique Bishop says:

    umm, im 13 and my parents are fighting alot now and i dont want them to get seperated is, there a way i can help them with poppets??

  6. khate says:

    hi guys i want to buy voodoo dolls..

  7. Ararobby says:

    Hi Rose, I wanna know how to make a voodoo doll of myself, you know, I wanna make a poppet of me, please write me [email protected]

  8. paul says:

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  9. Carlos says:

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  10. Himatbhai Parmar says:

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  11. keith says:

    im 13 and i want to use dolls against people who deserve it,PERIOD!

  12. Zizo says:

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