How can I use Magick to protect myself and my family and solve all of our problems?

I really want you to help me get some practical on how to protect my self and my family, about love and how to help other solve their problems, how to gain power to do magic and how to make a request without any refusal. How I can really make things work out for me, family, friends, and well wishers without any problem. I need some help on all of these

Hello, Sa’ad
What you’re asking takes a lifetime of practice; it is nothing that you will be given the power to do overnight. True ability to help other people is born of your own experiences, and true empathy for the human race. Also know that should you choose this path, you may not be able to choose whom you help, its kind of an all or nothing situation. No one, not even a “good witch” can wave a magick wand and take away trials and pain from the ones we love, no matter how much we want to. Also, it’s not fair to determine other people’s paths for them. Whatever your loved ones are going through, you must know, if you are a practitioner of the earth magick, that we all choose our own paths for whatever reason. What I can tell you about protection is simple, though. For time out of mind, people of all cultures have drawn a protective line across their doorways with salt. For personal protection, salt in a PURPLE bag worn round the neck is a good start. It blocks people with ill intent from harming you, but remember, you have to know it works. Not “believe”, but “know” without a doubt.
It sounds as though you are choosing a noble path for the right reasons, which is an excellent beginning. In a nutshell, continue to seek knowledge and hook up with like minded others. This is a task for which you’ll need a mentor.

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  1. ventrue says:

    what is the bes way to find “like minded” persons in ones own community(get a mentor). i live within the bible belt and the magick interested individuals here are usually poser high school kids or unrecignizable becaus of the common sterothpes placed upon them in this predominetly christian society so ……..what to do?…….
    thaks bunches
    P.S. ide buy you an ice cream but i have mo way of paying for it …sory:)

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