Does history influence magic power?

ok, three things, im 13 and i want to be wiccan. is there any church to atend to or servises to atend to, if so where would i find them. also i would like to know if your ancestors have anything to do with your magical abiltys. my father is into reaserching my ancestors and has found that i am related to Mary Easty who was hung in the salem witch trials.i also need good websites for beginner spells if you have any in mind. please help me i really want to learn more. thank you very much,stephen

Hi Stephen,

Wiccans do not have churches or services, per se, but they do sometimes ahve rituals that can be attended, or not, as you wish. the problem for you maybe your age. Unless your parents are willing to attend with you, many covens, groups of wiccans, will not train a new practitioner until they are at elast 18 years old.

Some Wiccan practitioners believe that magical ability can be passed from one generation to the next, though usually he method of transfer is not so much heredity as it is the sharing of a family book of shadows. You may be predisposed to the Craft because of your family heritage and it may influence the types of powers that you develop later in life.

At your age, practicing spells is very risky. The problem is that sometimes teenagers do not have the focus to control the energies released by the spells. It is one of the reasons that most covens restrict people under the age of 18 to observers and don’t let them actively participate in rituals.

In addition, some covens practice rituals skyclad, which is nude, and avoid having teens or other people under age 18 involved to avoid any legal issues that might come because of the nudity.

If your father is doing your family history research, he may be willing to support your interest and help you to develop it. You can begin learning more about the practice of Wicca by reading, especially introductory books from Llewellyn Publishing. They are the most respected source of information on Wicca and Paganism and will give you a good safe introduction to the Craft.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Rose,
    I am in love and have been dating a man for three years who was married though not happily. He is recently divorced and I too divorced now a year and a half ago.
    Neither of our spouses wanted the divorce but we were not in love with them. I do feel that I may have broken his marriage at times though he tells me not, that he was not happy and was looking for a new woman.
    I have been very sad through with our relationship which seems to flip hot and cold. We have been though many rough times throughout this divorce ordeal because we have had to deal with much insanity and craziness especially from his X wife. We too were dealing with my X husband for a year and a half.
    We agree that we have a strong emotional relationship and a unbelievable physical relationship which is not in this world but something we feel is of a higher power which has a special way of controlling us. It is sexual and it is emotional – this closeness we feel for each other is nothing either of us have ever experienced with any other in this life. We both have had others and experienced many relationships.
    I thought of your Magick course but don’t want to push this love of my life to me unless it is truly meant for us to be together in the universe. Could you be so kind to advise? P.S.I feel that although he didn’t break my marriage that I may be to blame with his marriage break up. He had a very unstable wife who was not mentally sane nor honest with him and faked sickness to try and keep him. Now his X has taken all his financial savings (no children from this marriage) and he is also losing his home.
    Although we can be together since he is now finally divorced our relationship is still suffering.
    He had made me many promises and wanted our relationship so badly (we were so in love). And now when we could finally be together he doesn’t seem to know anymore.
    I wonder if we have some underlying reason. Possibly some bad luck here. Thanks much for any insightful thoughts on anything to do.

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