Is Wicca Anti-Christian?

If you do Wicca are you going against God?

The main problem is trying to merge conflicting beliefs about the deity or deities in different religions. Contemporary Christains believe that they are monotheists, and believe in one God or the Trinity which includes Almighty God, his son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. However, Wiccans believe in a duo theistic deity structure: a Goddess and a God. There are three aspects to the Goddess, which include: Maiden, Mother and Crone which represent: sexuality, fertility and wisdom.

Many Wiccans believe in a single ultimate deity which/who is unknowable. A common Wiccan saying is that “All Gods are the ONE GOD.” This deity is sometimes referred to as “The All” or “The One” and is often visualized as having two aspects: the male elements who is called the God and a female element who is called the Goddess. Christianity teaches the existence of a single God. But, most denominations teach that God has a different internal structure. The Christian God does not have two aspects. Their God is a Trinity, composed of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Trinity can be interpreted to disagree with the single God principle.

About the male aspect of deity: There were only four gospels and various letters that were accepted into the Christian Scriptures (New Testament). Those four tell of a unified Christian movement which regarded Jesus of Nazareth to be the Son of God and a deity. Other documents describe a divided Christian movement. They explain that, after Jesus was executed by the Roman Army, Jesus’ disciples organized a reformed. They regarded Jehovah, as described in the Old Testament, to be a single, indivisible God. They regarded Jesus as a human, and a great prophet-king. A Wiccan might consider these non-canonical gospels and writings to be accurate and adopt beliefs similar to those of the early Jewish Christian movement. Wiccans might associate Jesus with the male aspect of “The One.”

About the female aspect of deity: Some Wiccans and liberal Christians believe Jesus married Mary Magdalene. The marriage ritual at Cana described in the Gospel of John may have referred to their marriage. They honor Mary as the Goddess of Christianity — as representing the female aspect of “The One.” Others substitute or include:

* Miriam, the mother of Jesus
* Sophia, the Goddess of wisdom described in the Hebrew Scriptures as a separate, female personality
* Mother Earth
* Asherath, a Goddess worshiped by many ancient Hebrews.

So, Wicca and Christianity have varying ideas about a God, a Goddess, or any combination of these. Many people believe in a divine being and then choose to worship and believe in their own way. Does that make these people wrong?

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  1. Kitty says:

    have you ever heard of a supra-celestial being?

  2. So can somebody give me an answer??Is wicca anti-christian just tell me yes or no please

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