What if I have to itch during meditation?

I think i have succeeded in meditations but, if we get itchy or something during the meditation time does that mean where not meditating right.

Meditation takes forever to get down perfectly. It’s natural to get “itchy” while you’re doing it. Try meditating for shorter periods of time for awhile, and make sure you’re not sleepy or have had a lot of caffeine. As you know, dressing in comfortable, loose fitting clothes is best. And most of all, give yourself permission to not do it perfect.

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  1. Prakash Mohun says:

    Hi rose

    I am 24 yrs boy, I just started meditating a few months ago. Recently i started to notice that whenever i meditate, i feel itching sensation around my sexual organs. What should i do to avoid that? thanking you in advance

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