How can you tell if you’re a blood witch?

Sounds like more Hollywood to me. Blood witch as if others in your family were witches and you inherited some psychic ability? Hard to tell. Wicca was so underground for so long out of necessity and to escape persecution that most of our ancestors who practiced would have been very secretive about it. Some covens use blood to bind themselves together as a family, but the practice is losing ground as we understand the problems with blood born pathogens, so the practice is fast becoming outdated.

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  1. lori says:

    when i was 13 i started being able to know what was gunna happen when it did like i wouldent be texting any one and id pick up my phone right as they texted me and i just a feeling this happened alot so i know its not just a coicident. Another thing is my dreams always come tell and now im 14 and my mom was telling me something and it hit me and i finished her sentance being 100% right.
    most my family came from england but idk how tto see if i am a witch or what am i?

  2. Shannon says:

    Hi :) my name is shannon and i’m 13, my mood affects the weather, and i can always sense when something bad is going to happen, quite often i have dreams about people i don’t even know, and the next day i see them up town, or meet them on my way to school, it is sometimes quite frightening. My Granny is a blood witch, and tells me that i am too. What i want to know is that if this is true, which clan do i belong to,
    Thank you for taking time to read this, please help

  3. Jordan says:

    It seems foolish, I know, but the reason I found this was because I was looking for even the slightest bit of information of Witch bloodlines and descendants, and I found this. :) I was very uplifted to see your explanation of the Seven main clans, and I wanted to ask for a further explanation of them. I know how to find out if I am indeed a descendant, but I’m not of age yet and can’t. Though the moment I started figuring things out, I instanty felt I was a Witch. Close ones say sometimes it’s an indication to your destiny, but like I said, I’m not 100 percent sure. I work with the elements; I can manipulate fire fairly easy, and put a flame on a candle wick out (no crap, still practicing though), and I feel a deep, strong connection with water, but I’m in need of guidance. I’m sure I still have yet to unlock many things about me, if I am truly of the bloodline. I also know it’s a slim chance to be ANYTHING now. You just seem like a person of knowledge to talk abot this with. And, my techniques and such are from completely within myself, since I’ve had barely any help. I’ve learned a bit of the old, old language, and that truly helps as well. I know there are Elemental Witches, so I guess that would be the catagory. Unless, of course, I’m just wasting my time with fire and am extremely talented at something I don’t even know about. I’m still unlocking things, though, so I guess I have a long way to go.

    Anyway…so I think my main question was, if you will, give me a further explanation of the history of the clans. It would definitely help me out a lot.
    Thank you, and Blessed Be. <3

  4. Stephanie says:

    um last year i was watching a very scary movie and i had my eyes shut so tight that all the lights poped on….and i asked my grandpa if there was something wrong with the lights and he said there all fine. and my brother is really into magic and i cant always telll what going to happen next and i always finish other peoples sentences even though i didnt even know what there tlaking about and its weird

    can u PLEASE tell me whats going on?

  5. Alexandra says:

    I Have Dreams About The Future. It Just Seems So Unreal. I Go To Bed And Wake Up Thinking About My Dream. Either After A Few Minutes, Hours, Days Or Weeks, It Will Happen. The Weird Thing Is, When The Event Is About To Happen, I Get This Chill Down My Spine And I Watch As If Through Another Person’s Eyes. Not My Own. Does This Mean I Might Be A Witch?

  6. MorningStar*Nicole* says:

    Hi everyone,
    I am 14, and live in Milford,CT.
    I was just wondering if there were any witches that lived by my hometown, out of curiosity and maybe forming a coven.. Just wondering.
    I’ve been in to wicca ever since i was ten, but never really got the chance to do anything major. My parents are christians and im afraid they wont like it, wont take me seriously. But i have felt the need to cast a spell, do a ritual, even meditate, and things like that all the time.
    My mother’s side of the family is irish, with the last name Sheehan. I am also native american indian from my great, great,however great, grandmother. I think it is pretty interesting because her tribal name was MorningStar, and the name has stuck with me over the years. I think i might be able to see people’s auras, but i am not sure… The only colors i see around their heads are white and pink, its very odd.. Maybe it’s nothing. Sometimes when i am talking to a person, i feel their emotions.. Or.. Its hard to explain, like a word pops in to my head as to what they are feeling. Again, unusual. And i have always felt so connected with the night. I love the moon, stars, animals-just-everything!- I was wondering if you can tell me anything about my heratige or if im ‘special’ or not in other words. Sounds really corny but anything to help or advice on what to do would get me out of my state of confusion. Thanks to all! My email is [email protected]
    Blessed Be~)O(

  7. Lauren says:

    Apparantly im a witch…i am 14 years old..on my birthday i recieved a was beautiful..inside it said welcome to my are a perfect edition to the witch coven.. it had no signs in it of who sent it !! i still havent found out! any help would be appreciated

  8. Sidine says:

    I agree with Neki. You guys don’t have any physical abilities to read mind or immediatly change the weather without an accurate spell. Wicca, (The Witch) is a religion. And it isn’t like what Hollywood at all. It isn’t something you think is cool and immediatly become. It’s hard work with alot if practice. As Neki said, there are no blood borns, it’s a religion. You can’t perform spells until you become one and pray to our gods and godesses that you accept one. Also, you have to worship the craftmanship and beauty of Nature.

  9. Lisa Marie says:

    Okay, I’ve read a few of the earlier posts here, and a lot of them sound like me. I can’t read minds, or change the weather or whatever, but when I was really young, I could control the wind. Then I told my ex-friend, and I couldn’t do it anymore.
    Most people have always shied away from me; almost like I’m dangerous. They usually make fun of me, or just ignore me.
    That happens to a lot of people, I know. But I don’t think it’s just ’cause I’m “weird” or whatever. I have weird dreams, sure. They usually come true, too. And whenever I space out, I see things-weird things. Things no one else around me sees. One time I saw this kid get beat up before he did. I thought I was just day dreaming, but then I SAW the EXACT fight later on.
    I’ve always liked to believe in stuff like witches, and sometimes vampires. I used to make up spells with this girl on my street when I was way young. I didn’t realize what I was doing, yet it felt so right.
    I’m also Christian, but I believe I can channel my magic through God.
    Is there any way to tell if I’m a Blood Witch? If so, please, please, please help me!
    ~Lisa Marie~

  10. gemma says:

    i just wanted to tell you that most of what you are saying especially about the seven great clans is rubish. The seven great clans you describe in the same great clans that are written in a non-fiction childrens book. Oh and belive me the book was writen before this was. stop telling lies it is not good for you. believe me.

  11. Ally says:

    hello, i am 12 years old but i know i have some type of witch in me, I have heard its in my family, and this is weird but me,my mom, and my brother broke down on the road right beside a church in a town 50 miles away from my city. and we walked around the church for a wile and we saw a green butterfly that was dieing and we all did some type of spell and the butterfly flew away. it was amazing bc that was one of the first thing i have ever done like that (that i know of) and when it was morning we got in the car and checked how much gas it had in it and only had 3 miles… we cranked uo the car and drove all the way back home with no problem, but we did call a few people wile we were stuck at the church to see if they could come get us and they all said they couldent, so i think that also could have let us know how much of actual friends we have that we can depend on to be there when we needed them. and when we got back the next day, my mom wrecked the car in a ditch in the frount driveway and the car fliped over 5 times and all the glass broke. and she didnt get anything broken and barley had any bruises. but im off subject, but i know i know i have somethign bc i know of some other things that have happend with me that i dont have the time to explain. but if anyone could tell me how i could learn how to use my “powers”.

  12. Shianna says:

    I have recently run into my mum maeves BOS she died when i was nine months old along with my father in a barn fire. I found out that i am a descendant of the woodbanes i hear that it doesnt have the best reputation. Recently i ran into a man and he told me that he sensed i was the destroyer? what does that mean? please get back to me quickly im very worried :/

  13. Laren says:

    Ally ,i posted on this webstie last year and since have learnt im adopted and a decendent of one of the 7 great clans.The waysi found about my powers were a wiccan book store i brought books and i learnt myself also i meet an older witch that is helping me with my studies.My birth mother is unkown but i hope one day to meet her.All of the books eally helped mei can make fire with my mind and do more complicated spells now.

  14. emma says:

    I know i am a witch because i have been having A LOT of de za vo. Plus, lately, I have been able to predict the future. I am twelve, and this “power” i have had forever. I am able to sense when somebody is around me or is coming near me. So, to all my fellow witch sisters, keep practicing.

  15. Laren says:

    Emma which clan are you decendent from?,And when you sense people your trying to find out who is around you by casting your sense.
    Blessed Be.

  16. Madelaine Brown says:

    I think i might be a witch but i don’t know how to make sure can you help me?

  17. Jackie says:

    well, when my step-mom and dad broke up and started to fight, my emotions were confused, angry, sad, mad, devistatied, surprized….then when my emotions started to act like that i got really dissy and it started hailing and rainging and thurndeing and lightning and it was in the summer and it was suppose to be sunny that day? does that have to do anything with witches powers?

  18. Deanna says:

    This may sound silly but I have been drawn to witches and witchcraft ever since I can remember. I have a vision or a dream and the next day it happens. I have seen car accidents 30 seconds before they happen!! I am 34 and my feelings are growing stronger!! Some of these feelings I have been having are very confusing! I have no idea how to explore this and find out if I may possibley be a witch! And how do I know if I have a family member that was or is a witch? I have had feelings like this since I was a child but never told anyone! Please help me!

  19. Deanna says:

    I want to learn more about all of it so I can figure who I am! There are certain things that I am drawn to…I have never asked anyone about this before and have been afraid to ask for I don’t know what somes reactions will be…but then again I don’t say anything because I do know what the reaction will be. So many different things have happened in the past years all the way to present!

  20. Tenny says:

    i don’t know how to start,well first of all i am so confused,my life sucks,nothing is like what appears to be and i guess i possess a gift,,,,,,,,,for instance if i go inside somebody’s home could be a friend or a stranger,,,sometimes i get this weird feeling, i start gettin goosebumps and i feel very suffocated and uncomfortable but this does not happen in everyone’s house.I was living in Calcutta few years ago and my friend and i went to find a room for rent and then we came across a house that was not only reasonable but big as well,my friends loved it but i got that same weird feeling again and i decided to find another place,,,,few weeks later while talking with our new landlord he told us that a young man had hung himself just few days before we saw the place,i dont understand am i a witch,,,or psychis or plain crazy,,,can you explain wat is happening to me…………pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  21. tessa conklin says:

    im am 14 years old and im having the stranges things going on around me. In my dreams some are deja vu, and it actually happens and when someone brush past me and i’ll touch them i get tingly and then i sense their emotions. I did this on 2 of my best friends and got their answers correct. Also on one of my best friends i did it 2 times and still got it right. plus she was shock so ya. But im asking if im a witch. Cuz i dont fit in well and idk if i am or not but..i still need a answer please.

  22. Angee says:

    When i first discoverd this website, i read through all the comments. Some simmilar some diffrent to what has been happening to me. First of all, i keep feeling strange urges to do things, say go somewhere or read something, like i felt to going on this website. I write down poems and things that come to me oftenly, i researched what i wrote and found out i was writing about a fire about 80 years ago. I have vivid dreams and when i research them, they are parts of history. It started to scare me when i began seeing death. I was told i’ve been seeing glimpses of the past. Afew days ago i started seeing familiar faces in the dreams, they got hurt or injured, Then afew days later, it would happen! please tell me how to control these. Thank you

    Blessed Be.

  23. unknown says:



  24. Mary says:

    okay I can see things happen before they happen. well most of it deals with seeing death but I have a faimly who dont believe in magic. I am the only one who does. I can see ghost and talk to the dead and I can tell when something bad is about to happen. I have really bad nightmares at night and some of them have came true. I dont trust that many people wouldnt believe me. I saw my brothers friend death happen before my eyes in a dream once and then he died how I dream he would die. I can read minds on rare casts and I can move things very rarely with my mind.

  25. Mary
    okay I can see things happen before they happen. well most of it deals with seeing death but I have a faimly who dont believe in magic. I am the only one who does. I can see ghost and talk to the dead and I can tell when something bad is about to happen. I have really bad nightmares at night and some of them have came true. I dont trust that many people wouldnt believe me. I saw my brothers friend death happen before my eyes in a dream once and then he died how I dream he would die. I can read minds on rare casts and I can move things very rarely with my mind. I have 4 brothers and 3 sisters. im 19 years old and i am looking for someone who can understand what I can do. if you want to get a hold of me ever to talk about this stuff my email is [email protected] and my cell number is 208-697-9856 I text more then I answer calls. but here and there I well call you.

  26. Dre says:

    well i guess my storys kinda like everyone else here i been drawn to magic since a child my grandmother and aunts and my mom were always into witchcraft as a child i was told i was a witch and that i was diffrent and well im really good at reading peoples emotions and thoughts i can even start to feel and think as they do at the moment also i have been able to see demons and ghost since i was very little im not to good at the whole practicing magicor wicca but im very drawn to it. I feel very lost latley and dont know how to go about it if anyone could help me out my email is [email protected] thanks


  27. aleah says:

    well,my mom was and is naturally expierened with witch craft and has played with a wigi and saw the grim reaper so i was wondering,if maybe im a witch too because she is.
    thank you

  28. egzon says:

    sometimes i hear the phone ring in my ear then i ask my parents if they hear it but they dont.then i look at the phone and its not ringing.then later my cuz calls.sometimes i hear the phone and i know if its my cuz.i was watching charmed is their a thing like orbing,whitelighters.i always felt special and i know thing sometimes.

  29. Rina says:

    I understand were you are coming from. I normally can see things before they happen. I have trouble sleeping at night in the early hours. I also can talk to the dead. I have tried to case spells but they tend to backfire. I also seen deaths happen before they have happen and when they happen it causes alot of my friends and family to be on guard. I also felt other feelings and they’re arent my own tpye of feelings. I also always knew there was something different about me. I always felt like I was special. I have this werid dreams that deal with mugic and me contraling things like fire water and earth. I also have a great love for animals like cats and I tend to have cats like me alot. I sometimes can tell when someone one about to text of call me before I get a text or call. I also can tell when something bad is about to happen. my friends sometimes thing its freaky to? am I a blood witch can you help me? my email is [email protected]

  30. Curious says:

    My friend claims she’s a witch because she has
    Wiccan blood from her mothers side. Although i honestly don’t believe this…

  31. Fergie00 says:

    Does anyone know a way to tell if your a witch because something strange keeps happing to me Most nights when i dream, i dream of the next day and everything that happens in the dream also happens in the real world. Due to this i always get the constant feeling of Deja Vu
    makes my head really sore.

    Also not that long ago i can’t remeber if i was crying due to being upset or angry but i was sitting on my bed and my room light was on all of a sudden a huge bang loud enough for my parents to hear while they were down stairs. My light had blown, it freaked me out a bit. This happens to me sometimes.

    The dreams started ever since i was little, i could see anything like accidents before they would happen and what stuff i would be doing in school the next day and what people would say. It’s hard to remember all of them. But most of the ones i did remember would turn out to be the bad one.

    Another thing is i keep seeing this flashing of lights with my eyes open and closed. Before we got the new house i am in the now (No one apart from me and my family have lived here) But the other houses we lived in were council houses and I could never go up stairs on my own because i always got the feeling of being scared like i knew someone or something was up them even if everyone in the house was downstairs. I always got the feeling somebody i couldnt see was there.

    I have never felt normal from other people, I don’t have any friends because they all seem too strange for me which is kinda weird. either that or they think im strange.
    i feel too difrent from them, I thought my pale, cold complexion was scaring people away but it turned out it was because i don’t know how to act around them without showing myself to be diffrent.

    There is a good chance from both sides of my family that i could be related to witches.
    So if anyone can find out a way to see if you are related to a witch i would be really grateful if someone could reply to my post.

  32. Amanda says:

    Life is funny. I started looking at medical websites to try and gauge what medications, I should be on because at times I think I am losing my mind and I end up looking at wiccan websites. After much reading, I am wondering if my problems are NOT in my head but my spirit and blood. My father would tell me stories about things I used to do as an infant, but I dismissed them as stories. Two of the most interesting were; once as a baby my father tried to put me to bed in my crib which normally wasn’t an issue but tonight it was and after trying multiple times and giving up he brought me to his bed. Not more than a few moments later a tree crashed through my window due to the windstorm we were having. If i had not been so “persistant” I would have died. Another incident was when I was a little older. I was staying at a friends house and my father was supposed to go out of town that night. I didn’t want him to go, something didn’t feel right. He left anyway. About an hour later I was walking in my friend’s basement like i had done hundreds of times before when I fell and broke my foot. My father was called to take me to the hospital and he was furious. However, that night the plane he was supposed to have been on crashed. A few survived but many didn’t.
    I remember the odd looks my mother gave me when i would tell her who would be on the phone before she picked it up or when we would be in the car, i would say that I wanted to hear a particular song and then it would be on next. Stuff as blatant as that doesn’t happen much anymore. Now, it’s as if I “take on” what others feel and it doesn’t have to be face to face. It has happened with things that i have read. So much so, that I feel as if I am beginning to spiral into a dark place, depression. It has gotten to the point that it is straining my relationships with my husband and children. I am a nurse and I try to help people everyday, but I think it is hurting me. I seem to know only when the bad stuff will happen and seem to absorb some of that energy when i try to help. I can tell when someone is sick or if whatever procedure they had done was a success or if there were complication.s It has gotten to the point that I don’t want to read anything or watch any dramatic/love programs. it is a good thing that i have kids cause i find myself watching easy go lucky cartoons more than anything for fear of becoming overwhelmed with another person’s problems. And the worst part is is that sometimes it happens with fictional stories as well.

  33. Gwendolyn says:

    You cannot be “born” a witch. To be a witch you must first make the choice to be one, and being just a small infant you don’t have the knowledge to make a decision or choice. BUT, in my opinion, you can be born with abilities or gifts — like me. When I was a small child, extremely abnormal things always happened around me, and still do at 14. Ever since I could remember, I have had nightmares and dreams that have suggested to me I was not “normal”. I remember when I was seven, I was angry at another kid who had made fun of and thrown a rock at my friend. I stood up immediately and suddenly it got very windy and clouds started to appear in the sky. I glared at the bully and said, “What you do unto others will be done unto you.” Being seven, I had NO idea what that even meant. But only seconds later, blood started trickling down the bully’s forehead, just like the wound from the rock on my friend’s head. I was condemned a freak after that for years until we moved. Many things still happened over those years that were just as strange or worse. Now I live in Las Vegas and go to highschool and strange things still happen to me. Sometimes I believe that I have been gifted and I want to look into Wicca or some other type of magic belief system, but I am born into a strongly Christian family. Go figure. I know that somewhere inside of me I have a power that I MUST find a way to control, or something bad might happen. Last week, I was angry at a girl who had made fun of my crippled friend who was standing with crutches at the bottom of the stairs talking. The girl then began walking up the stairs herself. I only merely looked at her with anger and it seemed almost as if the air under her feet shimmered, and she fell backwards down the stairs. She now has a broken leg. Three days ago I was at school and was bored in Geometry class when I was staring at my pen. Without really noticing what I was doing, I made it slightly float off my desk. I slammed it down before anyone else could see and it made a loud noise, of course making everyone look at me. I hope no one saw my pen.
    But the worst that has been happening to me is this: I keep having this reoccurring dream of a woman (that looks like someone from J.R.R. Tolkien’s mind) pointing off to the distance. When i look where she is pointing there is nothing but mist until it starts to zoom and focus onto a cliff by the sea, then travels to a wood, then through it till I’m in a glade and there is a small pool with a light at the bottom. I look around and the woman is pointing me towards the pool, almost urging me in, but she cannot speak or touch me. She can’t even see me because she is blind. She frantically waves me towards the water when I start to feel cold and the glade darkens, strange noises sound and creatures start to appear. The woman points toward the pool again and looks up as a tear rolls down her cheek and she disappears. I can tell somehow that she mustn’t be seen by anyone. For some strange reason the woman’s tear fell to the ground before she left, and where it landed on the ground a plant starts to grow very fast. Then it grows a rose bud that blooms into a blue rose with dew on it. I can hear the creatures now that start to approach me. They are ugly, naked little things. Some of them are big creatures that look almost human. Then there are humans, I can tell they are. One of them truly sticks out in my mind. A boy maybe 19 at the oldest with black hair and BRIGHT green eyes. He looks at me and smiles, and begins to approach me. Suddenly a raven swoops down from out of no where and plucks the blue rose with its beak and looks at me. I think he tries to….warn me? I’m not sure. But then the boy comes closer to me and gently grabs my hair at the nape of my neck and tilts my head, revealing my neck. I am nervous here because I don’t like people to see the back of my neck, I have some weird marking there that looks like a Celtic knot made from three birds. On each bird is a weird little triquetra-like symbol that kind of curls out at the end. I know it sounds strange but it is there. On my neck. So I freak out when he touches there, and then he places the other hand in between my breasts, where I have another strange marking, it looks like a rose with a moon in the center of it. Yes, I know it sounds fake but it’s there on my chest. Anyways, he places his hand there and my eyes widen, no one knows of those marks but me. Not even my mother. She disregarded them as nothing. I can feel my heart race as this boy has a wide, evil grin and he looks into my eyes for a moment. “I will find you.” Is all he says as he lowers his mouth to my neck and I wake up.
    Every morning when I look out my window there is a raven sitting on my wall with a blue rose in its beak. He drops it then flies off. Every day I feel as if I am being watched and the strange things I seem to cause are getting stronger and happening much more often. I think of clouds and there are clouds in the sky, I look at a boy and want him to notice me and he looks over, I want an answer in Geometry and it appears in my head. Or — I want it to be windy and there are crazy breezes all of a sudden. I’m angry at a girl and her nose starts to bleed. I’m too lazy to get a ball in P.E. and it rolls over to me, against the wind and UP a small hill. These things are strange and I KNOW I am being watched, even if it sounds crazy. Something is coming, and that woman is trying to warn me and get me to some type of safety in a place that I THINK is around Ireland, especially since I keep randomly going to Google and typing in “Ireland” or “Celtic”. Does anyone even have a clue what might be happening to me?

  34. Andy says:

    Sometimes I have dreams that aren’t very clear but they’re little visions of something that will happen I never know when but they happen and it just feels like Deja Vu.One time I was in 3rd grade I think and we had a Spelling Bee coming up.I had a dream sometime before it and I couldn’t see who it was but I knew who was going to win.Just last week when I was walking down my school’s hall I had a feeling of Deja Vu.Sometimes I hear someone saying my name but I don’t know who it is and I can’t see anyone.It freaks me out sometimes.I also get the chills at the most random times.

  35. Andy says:

    I forgot to add. Sometimes have dreams of crazy creatures or stereotypes of witches.And I’ll be with my friend’s and they’ll be thinking something and I’ll be thinking the same thing.One time when I was in my pool with my friend I was thinking of a song that she happened to be thinking of and we both started singing it and then she told me to think of the song she was thinking of then like she thought I was physic.

  36. crazy says:

    i always have been thinking i had a witch blood does the “powers” skip a generation

  37. wolf says:

    i have had drems to that my dad would mary a girl and she would have sons and doghters with her the and i knew what they looked like there house to when i met them i kept asking have i met you and they would say no dream was 3 years before i knew anything. I also dreamed my step brother playing lord of the rings batlle for middle earth 2 years bfore I knew them. and i’m lured by the supernatraul it tries to pull me to it. and i’m upsessed with wolves and in some things of history say withes have cats or wolves as pets.

  38. wolf says:

    i have had drems to that my dad would mary a girl and she would have sons and doghters with her the and i knew what they looked like there house to when i met them i kept asking have i met you and they would say no dream was 3 years before i knew anything. I also dreamed my step brother playing lord of the rings batlle for middle earth 2 years bfore I knew them and before game came out and so my dreams have been prdicinding crazzy thing these are prodtin deams i remember. and i’m lured by the supernatraul it tries to pull me to it. and i’m upsessed with wolves and in some things of history say withes have cats or wolves as pets.

  39. Bonnie says:

    When I was 5/6 I Wished that I could leave school for that 1 day. I daydreamed that I would be picked up by the wind and thrown over the school fence. Then suddenly I was picked up be a strong wind and I was thrown by the wind over that exact fence. All my friends were looking at me as they said ‘how did you get over there’ but only my real friend (Jordan, a believer of the supernatural) saw what had happened.

    2. Also a couple of days before my 9th birthday I dreamed that for my birthday only 2 of my friends was coming and we would eat a chocolate cake for desert. And on My birthday only 2 friends came and we had chocolate cake as a desert.

    3. On the 4th of April I was in a spanish class and all of a sudden I said to my friends that there was a white van parked on a car park just at the top of a hill near the stores and I warned my friends not to go near it or they may get kidnapped and on the way home we walked just across the road from the stores and I saw that a 15-16 year old girl was being kidnapped (Dragged into the van) but as it was quiet nobody but me saw it happen. I was only 13.
    Does any1 know whats happening to me?, Am I A Witch?

  40. Rina says:

    it might have one or two things feelings of something guiding you to the right place at the right time or dreams you had. I honestly also had werid things like that happen to me. I dont have many people around me in the supernatual my mother and father kind of believe me. But I think I might get teasted at school that is why I dont use my real name. I wish I had more people who believed me on what I said. but some times I cant expect others to.

  41. dillon says:

    how can one tell if he or she is of Wicca decent. i have always wanted to look into this subject but i have had a love hate relationship with the supernatural. i would like to know if any one in my family has had similar problems but no one wants to talk about it if i ask is there like a family tree thing i can look for in this field. any help would be worth looking into.

  42. LuvD_C says:

    well, i’ve had a lot of moments where i though things alreayd happened. Da Ja vu, and well i can’t sleep at night. My dreams are feeling real, i feel real pain. I can feel others pain (well i get down right drepressed or happy depending on there mood)i’m always prodiction what my friends and family say brfore they say them. I just can’t help but wonder it there’s something spernatural about me. I want that to come true. But one time i saw a shadow figure and my instencts told me to run inside. This happen to me and my bff, we both felt it and when we got in we stared to cry for some reason. but i want to try magic but i think it’s against my religion. I just want to try it to see if it works. I want to find my special ability that no one has. Can you help me? or am i just being paranoyed a lot?

  43. confused says:

    I dream of things that i feel have happened to me before although i know they havent and when i look at people i see the way they are going to die. My old principle i saw having a heart attack then he did a couple months later. ive researched spells and accomplished a few of them ive made a love charm to draw two people together and that worked and ive cursed an enemy.When i do this i feel evil and powerful i love the feelind i believe i am an evil wiccan and im proud to be.

  44. sye says:

    a blood witch is a person that has witch blood in them. as an example i am a blood witch as two members of my family were witches and they were burned at the stake at the boness witch trials in scotland. a well known event in my family. there are also more recent witches throughout my family history, but that example is the oldest known to date.
    so in turn, me and my sisters are blood witches. there’s your answer. that is what a blood witch is.

  45. sye says:

    i know there are arguments over “one can not be born a witch” etc but thats not whats in question. a blood witch is someone whom has witch blood in them, passed on through generations. its more of a term then anything, just means its in your blood, in your family.

  46. Rachel says:

    Weird things have been happening to me as well. One night my moms belly was hurting so bad where she couldn’t even think. I went to go hold her hand and it was like I felt sorry for her and saw her pain within myself. I felt heat come from my hand. She told me to go and get medicine so the pain could go away. I went to go get it and then I gave it to her. a second after I gave her the medicine she said the pain just went away like it was never there. I asked her if it had to do with the medicine but she told me the medicine doesn’t work in till a half hour passes by. I never told her what I think i’v done. Then it just got weird. Do you know the witch movies when the witches make the traffic lights change to green I have done that where will be driving an hour to Orlando and every light would turn green but when I wasn’t paying attention the lights turned red. Other things happened like I hear sounds. My friend wasn’t talking for a day because she lost a bet. I wanted her to read something I wrote and she put her hand out. While her hand was out I thought I herd her say let me read like it was in my head but her mouth was shut. I feel weird sometimes like I’m here for a reason to do something special. I don’t know what it is but it’s something. Hopefully I don’t seem crazy because I really don’t want to. Well that’s it. I just wanted to tell someone that might believe me. Oh one more thing when I was little like 10 years old and I went to a church for the first time and I felt fine all day but when I went to go throughout the door of the church I felt sick and then I threw up and went home instantly and never went back to a church again.

  47. Wiccan Or Not? says:

    I need help. Am I A witch by blood?
    I can discovered that i had powers that worked on supernatural things such as demons, ghosts, etc and then i have the power of Telekenisis, Freezing Time/Objects, Combusting Supernatural/objects, and Premonitions. Little did i know that all three of these powers are from Charmed so I am currently on a Wiccan Hunt to find out my true wicca powers. My cousin has seen and witnessed ghosts but i don’t exactly know why i have powers. I know of a couple of my family members who had the power of premonition, but would i be the “most powerful witch” of my family generation? PLEASE HELP. I need to talk to some people who have witness similar things to me. I try to talk to my friends about it, but they think i’m crazy or that i’m just imagining this but I know I’m not. They just don’t understand.

  48. Worried says:

    I was reading some of these stories and I really wasn’t going to write anything but i will when I was little like around 4 nobody could understand what my younger brother would be trying to say he would always talk in gibberish kinda. Another thing tht happened to me was when I was around 6 my mother would go to the store to get us something without telling us anything. When she came back I would know exactly what she got me!!! As I got old i started to have dreams about something that’s was going to happen soon! The most recent one was of a car accident. The dream happend like this…there was three people in the car but I couldnt see there faces at all but for some reason in my dream I know who they were I was in the back seat sittin in the middle looking out the windshield and there was snow on the ground we hit a snow drift and I flew out of the back windshield. I told my best friend and my mom but that was it. My mother told me to start wearing my seatbelt I asked her why and said it was jut a dream she told me tht when her sister and her were around my age and older the would know things and see things before they happened. This freaked me out and I hung up on my mom and didn’t talk to her for away. The dreams got worse and I started waking up in the middle of the night screaming. My foster parent would run up stairs and always find my rolled in a ball crying and shaking. Around 2 weeks later I was driving my friends car and I hit a drift the car spun and my friend that was sitting in the backseat flew out the back windshield! I had a neck brace and my other friend was bruised cuz of the airbag. The accident was so bad they said we were lucky to be alive. That night after I got out of the ER I called my mother and told her what happened. She asked if I wore my seatbelt and I said no.
    What is happening these dreams have me scared to sleep at night. As I’m laying in my bed I always feel as if someone is watching my!! I need help I don’t want to be different!!!!!!!!

  49. Maddie says:

    Every now and then I have a dream about something and it always hapens. My mm told me that when i was a child i used to come into her rom with my hair brushed and in a complicated braid and she would ask who taught me how to do it and i woud reply randma Rose. Grandma Rose is my mothers grandother who died years before i was born. I also can never sleep in the early mornings. I have also sleepwalked and stared out windows. The wierd thig is thatr i realize im sleepwalking bt i cant get out of it…and Im constintly saying its time to go. I really am scare and i need some help. Pease contact me at [email protected] THX

  50. Emily says:

    My names Emily and I’m 20 years of age. See the problem is that since the time of 2 i been able to scene other beings around me. I mean ghost . I was told over the years as I was growing up by my mother that I had sleeping problems, unknown conversations with my self ( talking to someone that wasn’t there) ,and I had tones and tones of very vivid dreams that children shouldn’t have. One of the repeating I use to dream about an old lady who died in my old house in NJ when I was a kid. She use to stand in front of my mirra staring at me or saying nasty things to me when i was a kid.This dream happen all the time until years later i found out after i moved out that a women did die there and she was old. She so happen to die the same day my family come to look and buy the house . This problem didn’t go way as I was getting old but become much worse and more apparent to me and others who spent most of there time with me. There where point in my life that not only did I feel the presence around me but it was becoming very free with contacted me. Also others who spent all there time with me heard running foot steps, unknown feeling, talking behind close doors or in diffrent parts of the house, doors closing, cold cold air in rooms when it wasn’t cold in the house and much more. This problem has not stop and i had tones of contact from the other side in every new place i seem to get. So what should do the contact is getting strong. I also have has sleep paralysis since i was 7 and i feel it being to be a door way for contact beside my every day contacts. {Plus i feel like I’m never alone) Second, Since i was 12 i had dreams that come true , meet people in real life that where in my dreams, and i feel like whats going to happen to people and my own life before it does. I also have been drawn to magic. I even attracted women and men who have been raised Wicca or became a witch by their personal decision. Each one of these people see something in me and i can’t fully understand. I my self feel like i have been strongly attracted to magic or witchcraft. I cant even say it runs in my family because I’m adopted from Columbia. I was raised to be christen. I’m not saying i don’t believe in some of the christen faith i feel like witch craft or wicca run with in me. I sence peoples emotions and i walked into a witchcraft store and been asked if i was of wicca decent. My friends have told me that i might be a natural witch or just have some gifts. So im asking what your thoughts might be. There is more but i have to go to work and it way to much to sum up everything over the computer. thanks you for reading this i hope you might understand where i am coming from.

    Thank you,

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