How do I make my own Magick wand?

Do you know where I can get a new wand? My dog got a hold of it and ruined it! Any help on what type of wand I should get, and how to prepare it for use once I get it?

My choice would be to make your own wand. Of course, you can buy wands at any number of sites on the internet. A simple google search will bring up many options.

However, if you would like to start from scratch, here are some tips.

Making Your Own Magic Wand

Creating your own wand can be magickal and an excellent way to connect with the magic inside you. Most witches and wizards work with several wands, that is one for each kind of spell. But, some wizards and witches use one wand for all their magickal workings. To begin you must learn to trust yourself, your spirit, your ideas and your hidden talents. When your intention is to make a real wand, try your best and the wand you create will be magickal.

The first thing you need is a branch. Wander through the woods and look to see which branch catches your eye. You may even feel a connection to it. Some people say to ask the tree if you can cut a branch, while others suggest that you search for branches which have already been shed. Do whatever feels right for you.

I would leave the trees alone and search the branches on the ground. Peel the bark off, or leave some of the bark on if that appeals to you more. The branch needs to be fairly dry. If it is wet, let it stand for a few days until it is dry. Take a close look at the branch. Are there any characteristics that draw your attention? Is there a knot that you like on the branch? It is all right if you don t see anything. If you do see something, trace what you see with a pencil line. Then carve around the image or paint it.

Use acrylic or oil paint, or permanent magic markers. You can also draw an image and do the same thing. After the paint or marker dries, rub the wood with a little mineral oil, or vegetable oil and let it dry overnight. You can also use watercolors or inks to “stain” your wand. Spray varnish on your wand, so the colors won’t run later. Anything else you decide to do is only limited by your imagination. Here are some ideas:

Cut small “holes” in your wand and glue beads or stones in them.

Wrap copper, gold or silver wire or leather around your wand.

Hammer tiny brass nails or tacks into your wand to form a pattern or word.

Use hot glue or epoxy to glue leather and beads onto your wand. (Do not use “instant glue” because it stops working after a couple of months, and what you have glued will fall apart.)

Cut colorful fabric that you like into small interesting shapes and glue them on your wand.

Crystals can be added to make it seem more magickal. They can be placed on the tip and decorate the area around the crystals.

These are all ways to be creative and make the wand your own . As a finishing touch you can loop copper wire to hang charms and talisman from your wand, add glitter, rhinestones, bits of moss, shells, leaves, or other natural materials. Your wand is a metaphysical tool that unlocks and channels the magic in you. Once you are finished, dedicate your wand. You can create your own dedication to make it more personal to you. After your recite the dedication, point your wand to the north, south, east, and west, greeting the elements and the powers of earth, air, fire and water (in that order) asking that they bless your magickal work.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. Archie says:

    In which type of rock or stones do i need to my wand,,because i can control the element of air and water,,i can both control it but in my wand ,,it spread out the spell make it out of control,,what is the proper materials i need,,i use black berry tree ,yup to strong to control the rain,but what crystal do i put on it?Can some one help me

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