Is there a love spell that can bring my ex-boyfriend back?

Rose can you help me.

I just started getting into black magic and that stuff,do you have a really great love spell, which can bring my ex-boyfriend back to me? He doesn’t want me back, he’s really stubborn. He doesn’t have a girlfriend now, and he hasn’t had one since I left him. That was almost 3 years ago. I don’t know what’s wrong with him. Sometimes he’s so depressed, but he doesn’t want a girl or even me to calm him down, how can I make it so he falls in love with me? I really love him.

First let me say that I am not a person who ever tells anyone what to do - I can only give you advice based on my system of beliefs - and what I think is right and wrong.

Let me touch on a little morality issue here before I give you a little age old advice.

As many of us know, one of the first laws or rules in most of the Witchcraft paths (and nearly all nature based Magick belief systems) is, ‘An it harm none’. Basically, the idea is - no matter what you do with your Magick (or in life in general), never do harm to another.

And as if that wasn’t enough to deter people from doing harm, the powers that be devised a little thing called ‘karma’, it’s kind of like a law in physics that I learned so long ago in high school.

‘For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’.

So, if I put my hands on a wall and push, the same amount of pressure I put on the wall, is put on my hand.

It’s the same with Magick. If do a ritual, or cast a spell, to bring something good into someone’s life (coming from a place of love in my heart), the energy I send out to perform the miracle (whether it is good luck for my mom, or a healing for my sister, etc.) will also come back to me. It won’t necessarily be the same type of energy, usually you will just notice that really good things start happening to you, and the more good you do, the more little miracles start ‘popping up’ in your life.

And if the energy you send out is negative in any way (which is where I think your question is leading, more on that in a second) - this energy will ‘bounce back’ to you, and you will notice bad luck will begin to find you.

You see, our wonderful universe has a way of keeping things in balance,both in the physical world, and in the world of Magick.

Sorry I got off on that tangent, now that I’ve laid the groundwork, I can answer your question - or at least give you some advice.

If you cast a love spell on your boyfriend, you will be affecting his ‘free will’ to do as he chooses in life. The Magick will influence his ‘decision’ to fall in love with you, or move on.

As a human being, the free will to do as we choose is one of the most sacred things we have in life. And by casting a love spell on a specific person you are taking something sacred away from them. Their freedom of choice. And this is a very negative Magickal action.

And that means, you will suffer negative karma coming right back to you, in ways you never expected.

Do love spells cast on specific people work? Oh yes they do, definately, (I have seen it many times as a young Witch growing up) - but the karma that has always come back to the person has been almost unbearable to watch.

If I were you, I would NEVER cast a love spell on a specific person. If you do this, and your boyfriend falls in love with you, the karma is going to come at you full force. Here are the possibilities (and what I have seen happen…)

Things may be great for a week or two, but his spirit will grow restless,he will begin to get irritable and frustrated, and he won’t know why. As time goes on, he may even get verbally (or eventually) physically abusive towards you.

I’m not saying that he will do these things, but I have seen it happen before when specific person love Magick is involved.

Your life will be turned upside down, Anonymous, and I hope you don’t think that you can ‘handle’ anything that karma throws back at you. You have no idea how it will negatively effect your life. The law of Karma will make SURE that the ‘prize’ is not worth the negativity that floods into your life.

Here’s what I would do instead.

Go through my 7 day mini course (it’s a 2 second free sign up on the blog) and find your place of peace. Find your sacred space, and go through the exercises.

Look inside of yourself at what you really need in life right now. Cast a self love spell (I love self love spells, and guarantee you will feel wonderful!). If you still feel you want love in your life, then you can cast a general love spell - not on your boyfriend specifically - but in a general way. As you are casting, think about the qualities you want in the person you eventually fall in love with, not a specific name, not a specific person.

And release the energies of the spell into the cosmos with the goal of opening the doors of true love in your life. Then, true love will find you, Anonymous. I have no doubt.

And who knows, it may be that the universe intends for your boyfriend and you to be together forever, but you didn’t effect his ‘free will’ with Magick.

But my guess is, the Magick will bring someone very special into your life when you least expect it - and he’ll be everything you ever dreamed of, and your boyfriend will move on in his life, and find happiness, and get over his depression…

All I am asking is for you to let the Universe, and the Divine decide what is in store for you and your boyfriend, don’t try to control it, because you will suffer bad karma.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

73 Responses to “Is there a love spell that can bring my ex-boyfriend back?”

  1. Jesse says:

    Is there a spell to make someone like. cuase me and my gf want to be together but her parents hate me becuase the midstakes i made in the past.

  2. Jesse says:

    Hi, I am haveing trouble with boys. Every time someone likes me they either move or start hateing me for no good reason! Is there a curse on me or something? How could i find out if there is?

  3. Loriann says:

    My daughter is alway angry to me. I was accident it. I was fix something the window. She could blow to me. I try fix it. I was made mistake. I was mood myself. She alway mad at me. I was leave her. I say forget it.

  4. david Elliott says:

    Two years ago I cast a love spell on a girl, who in no time at all fell in love with me (or fell in love with the feelings she felt inside). As mentioned, this came back to me FULL forse and how?. Panic Attacks. Yes I suffered two full years after.

  5. Tirya says:

    Thank you, Rose, for discussing the ethics of love spells in your answer, and the importance of respecting the free will of others.

    With the myriad of ads like “Find Love Miracles Here – Get your love back immediately, 3,000+ helped with these spells” available on the internet, too often people seem to believe it’s perfectly okay to mess with someone’s free will and “make” them come back or “make” them like/love you.

    Bright blessings,

  6. Brandon says:

    Hey my ex and me broke up and she is playing alot of games one minute she loves me and the next she is mad at me .. she tells all her friends that she loves me but she wont say it to my face … what can i do to get her back because i really love her and i know she still loves me .. please help me

  7. Jackey says:

    Hi Adriana,
    My question is it best not to direct the spell you are casting towards a specific person but to let the Universe takes it course even if it’s in another direction. I have been with my boyfriend now for 6 years. The problems we were having stemmed from outside meaning problems with my son and dealing with his ex-wife. We were constantly arguing about the things my son was doing and werent willing to do. We have yet to be in this relationship just by ourselves with no drama. My son just got a job but still pay much but it’s a job and the ex-wife has been gone but my son is still here not living with us but close to us. I have done some many different spells just trying to make this relationship work. We get along a lot better now but it’s still not where and the way I want it to be. So what do you suggest that I do and how can you help me. I wanted to purchase your homekit but I just cant afford it because I lost my job and have yet to find one. I tried a couple of the money spells but they didnt work. I need help. Thanks

  8. chelsea says:

    Hey, i want to get my ex boyfriend back. I really love him and sometimes he calls me, but I don’t answer because I’m scared what it is about. He is with his new girlfriend, he cheated on me with her, because he said that she loved him more then i did. ((she is his ex gf now gf again.)) anyways, the fact is, i really love him and them two just don’t work and i really have strong feelings for him. we belong together much more then them two do! I just want him for the rest of my life. If there is a nice easy spell i can read and understand and have the supplies right in my household. I would love that. I can’t really go out to by stuff like this, my mom would think I’m weird, more then she already does. Haha. But anyways, on with my story. I really miss jorge and i really love him and i just think we belong and i’m pretty sure we do belong. I’m a Scorpio I believe we have the strongest feelings on stuff like this then any other sign. I hope you can help me get him back. It would me so much to me!

  9. natalia says:

    i have a picture of him and i would to know if i can get him back i havea nice recent full body pix of him is there a chant or even candle shant for him to come back to me asap i love him and i miss him so much plese help me do you need his b-date or his whole name help me pleae i am begging and pleading with you i love him and i need him back in my life i would anything and everything for this man i want to be in my life forever and ever

  10. sham says:

    the doctors say i am depressed because of my marriage arranged with someone i dont know from abroad… i dont like him and things are not working out between us. i want to finish with him but i am scared of my parents, what if they take me back abroad again.
    i have a ex-boyfriend who i have seen before my marriage and finished him because my parents took me abroad, he knows i am married but i really want him back in my life! i dont think he would want to but to get him i will finish my marriage with my husband for him. please show me way round to it. email me asap


  11. Shirley says:

    Hey, just wanted to say thanks a lot! I just happen to land on this page looking for a love spell and after reading this. I feel like finding a spell to help me. Help me be happy and not play with the future of another person and my. Thanks!

  12. christina says:

    Hi, I carefully read your advice about messing with one’s free will, what if i now he stills loves me or that he once loved me? is there any spell without interferring with his free will that i can make him see that we are better off back together again?

  13. i dont like my (sort of) ex boyfriend i just get really mad that he doesnt like me anymore because i feel cheated out so i want to somehow ‘get’ him again but i just dont know how. ouija boards dont really help unless im around him and i get possessed or something but i just dont know what to do. it is really starting to bug me..

  14. Robin says:

    Hey i no that it hurt u because i was wit my boyfriend for 7 months he cheated on me and that shit hurted i think about him a lot sometimes i wonder if thinks about me he allways lied like he didnt fuck around wit otha females, but all i can tell u be strong for get about his no good ass

  15. Joy says:

    looking for a love spell

  16. Joy says:

    looking for a love spell

  17. Sylvia says:

    I lost my virginity to my ex boyfriend like a year ago. We’re good friends now and We still love each otha alot but he doesnt want to be with me anymore. What do i do to make him to wanna get back with me? I really love him alot.

  18. Reboxetine. says:


    Reboxetine edronax.

  19. Joe says:

    Ive waited four m0nths f0r my ex to kum bake i was t0ld threw tha cards and sykics that were goin to be togather again but waitin is hare. Ive already lit tha .ven a mi. Candles. Do u have a certain chant i can say wen i sit bef0r them

  20. Joe says:

    Ive waited four m0nths f0r my ex to kum bake i was t0ld threw tha cards and sykics that were goin to be togather again but waitin is hard. Ive already lit tha .ven a mi. Candles. Do u have a certain chant i can say wen i sit bef0r them…angel.n.victoria.

  21. Shelly says:

    I am in love with a guy madly.. But he makes me feel that he s forced to be with me.. We are little different from each other but noone in this world is same.. Please help me with a spell to have him back… i reallly love him like crazy…

  22. Cynthia says:

    Hi Rose,a week ago my boyfriend left me with his ex back.Just a message send to my mobile and that’s it,he never pick up my call and even a chance to talk. We separated for 3 months because I was sending to another town by my company. During this period we are less communicate.Before this, we met everyday for dinner and daily activities.But twice a week we will have a chance to meet up.We have no argument and everything go smoothly untill last week’s message.I’m so sad, I did nothing wrong.I faithfull with our love but why this is the pay back to the love i sacrifice? I still love him much and I see my future with him. We will have our own kids,house and a happy family for him.
    I’m asking for a love spell to get back together with him and all my dreams come true. Please help me Rose.

  23. Carly watson says:

    I split with my ex a week ago and still finding it hard is there anything i can do to make him think about me i know there is still something there

  24. Molly says:


    I want to know why my daughter does not want
    nothing to do with her family. She left and ugly phone message to me and her dad. She will no longer speak to us. She said we are dead to her. It’s been 11 months since we have seen her. She had our first granddaughter and we have not seen her either. I don’t know how to fix this.

  25. sanjay seth says:

    I want to bring my ex wife to love me

  26. sanjay seth says:

    can youhelp bring back my ex wife

  27. Manny says:

    Hello! My boyfriend broke up with me five months ago, and all I have been doing is weeping and crying and trying to make things better. I don’t know what to do! I have completely lost myself! I used to be so alive and happy when we were together, but now I’m so miserable. I’m quiet, and not letting anyone in. I’m so afraid of being hurt again. He doesn’t know his feelings. He’s not sure if he wants to be with me or not. I NEED HELP IMMEDIATELY! Thanks!

  28. bianca says:

    hi rose me and my boyfriend broke up a couple of days ago what should i do i want 2 learn magick can u cast a spell on me 2 become a witch/good and cast a love spell on me so i can b loved again like self love not taking sum ones free will im a beginner and i need help

  29. Babyness says:

    Ill give you a bit about our relationship, and I hope youll respond back.

    Sean and I have alot of history together, we’ve been together for 2 and half years. I caught him lying a bunch of times and we would fight than make up. in 2007 we moved in together, everything was great until may of 2008… I found out he stopped working, and pretended hed go to work, rent wasnt paid, he lost his job and so on.. than afterwards he had his car repoed…he made up a lie about that too.. but eventually it came out in the open. my parents had to drive him to work everyday, and his parents paid for the missing rent…thank god we didnt get kicked out. in august of 2008 i went to fieldplacement and was calling the house, he didnt answer… i would leave voicemails… and i would call back and seen them he had checked them. i knew there was something wrong. i came home and had found a letter that he has moved out, and he took all his clothes. later one when i wasnt home he took all his furniture and moved back to his parents house. we stopped talking. i had to move my brother in to help me pay for rent… it was hard.i seen that he was with a new girl in september by a picture he posted on facebook…. in october sean had texted me giving me his number and that he still thinks of me, i replied back and that was that. two weeks later he ended up calling me, we talked and i had to go out. that night he ended up coming over at 3am and fell asleep with me here. we were back together. he helped me pay for rent, food, and we were back to being happy. we even took a trip to niagara falls on new years. his parents didnt like us being together, they called my parents complaining that they didnt think we should be together anymore.. and we’re both 23 and 22 years old. my parents said we’re adults and can make our own decisions. sean and i had some ups and downs, i started talking back to my girlfriends and told him i wanted my space… i dunno if that was the right decision? cuz we were together everyday. he felt like he was invisible or not important though i made sure that he was my number one.

    in january of 2009, we were fighting that he wanted to leave his 19.00/hr job for a 12.00/hr job in scarborough. due to the recession i said that was a bad idea…he has debt he needs to pay off… and lots of it, and than he should consider taking the new job. i always made him resumes and everything, helping him out was my goal to make him happy. he was upset that i wasnt letting him take this job… than he agreed that he wasnt going too after we were pulled over on the hiway.

    he had no seat belt on and the cop pulled us over, she wanted his liscence, insurance and registration… later i found out he didnt have insurance on the car at all… and he lied to me, he assured me there was. but he hasnt had any since sept 2008… i was hurt. he ended up getting a court appearance and towed the car to my house (his dad let him call in his visa)…

    he said he wasnt going to take the job and start paying of bills, getting money ready for any fines that he was going to get. i backed him up, i always helped him out with where his money should be divided too…

    well, he wanted to start ging to work 7am-7am.. to make some over time hours and take the weekends off… his scheduel is thurs-mon midnights.. and if he worked sun-thurs 7pm-7am he would make enough and take fri and sat off… i didnt like this idea.. but whatever made him happy.

    when his cheques came in, he was short by a 1000.00 i found out he wasnt going to work, and he would work 7am-11pm and go to his parents house until 7am.. and come back here… he pretended he was at work when he would call me from his house on his pretend breaks.

    i forgave him…. on a wed january 27th… he wanted to go into work 3pm-11pm… not his shift… i was angry because i didnt want him to screw anymore of his work up!! we agrgued and he ended up leaving to work.. or wherever… he didnt call me at all that night. i woek up for 7am to go to work.. and he didnt come home.

    i emailed him thinking he wanted over time hours and told him i was going into work and i would call him when i needed to get picked up.

    no answer, and i had a feeling he left again.

    when i came home… i found a letter “jess im sorry i had to do this, im not coming back, i love you, you were always what i wanted, im no good for you… love sean” and his clothes was gone.

    i havent seen him since.

    during feb i have been going out with friends and putting up pictures of our clubbing and fun. he logs into this site once in a while (he doesnt know anyone on there, and its not a dating site, im his only friend on there) i have a journal on there and i had seen he was reading it, so i blocked him. but he continues to log in once in a blue moon maybe 3 times a week… he commented on a pictrue of me and this guy “that didnt take long lol” i wrote him saying he was just afriend and that hes what i wanted and no one can take his place. he didnt write back.

    but he still logs in checking my pictures.

    its been just over a month, and i havent heard from him, i havent seen him, and im feeling like this is hopeless…

    people tell me, to ignore him, block him from my pictures and journal and this might be the best idea for him to get back together???.

    what i should i do? love spells to me seem promising…

  30. B says:

    How do l reverse a love spell or any spell?

  31. jackie says:

    i was with my husband 5 years and married 3 years well were still married but he left me because of his mom anyways his mom then hooked him up with her bestfriend and now he is with her but still comes back to me everytime and when i ignore him he stalks me telling me how much he loves me my problem is that the girl is 2 months pregnant and is mother does witchcraft and cast a spell on me and her father also does black magic and cast something on me he wants me back he tells me but he says that something in him dosnt let him it draws him to the other girl even though he loves me and loves everything about me we also have a 3 yrbaby boy that loves his father he is literally his clone everything about him is his dad i just want everything to go back to normal

  32. anonymous says:

    hi there i need help

    me and my boyfriend of 2yrs and 7months have broken up now for nearly a month i havent seen him for 2 for various reasons mainly his fault i still love him madly and want him to come crawling back to me is there anything i can just recite that will do?

  33. Maisa says:

    i am looking for a spell or prayer to the devil that some did on my brother once. I am looking for it as proof. it goes along the line for the man who left his home..oh restless spirit you that can no go two heaven becuase of your sin with the devil, something about coming back crawling to me on your hand and knees like a dog, and may you not sit on a table. I really need to find this. thanks

  34. Linda says:

    My name is Linda Ramirez 06/21/1984 12:45p.m. and my husband of 2yrs Ronald Ramirez 11/05/1979. We recently have been separated now for 3 weeks. We have only spoken to each other twice but have not seen each other. I have gone to 2 different tarot card readers and they both have told me that our marriage is not over and that there are outside influences causing us problems. I have 3 candles burning Come to Me, Intranquillo and St. Anthony’s Candle. In one of the conversations I had with my husband he said that he does love me. What else can I do to give my request a little more power and what can I do to sever the hold and influence my husbands mother and sister have over him.

  35. F Lancaster says:

    Hey i just wanted to say i was goin out with this guy and he hurt me pretty bad… he broke up with me out of nowhere and i still want him back.. i was thinking of doing the love spell but i read what you said about free will and Karma and changed my mind.. Is there anything else i can do to make him gain his feelings back or notice me more.. anything?

  36. Giulia says:

    Hi Rose,

    My ex boyfriend broke up with me and I really want him to give us another shot.

  37. Dan says:

    Dear Rose, My girlfriend brokeup with me be4 christmas and won’t talk to me or anything. I’ve been jumping to conclusions because she wouldnt tell me what it is that I’ve done or whats bothering her. She just wanted to be on her own for awhile and seems angry with me.I’m thinking of sending her flowers and a card near the end of January. I was gona have the card say Thinking of you,I miss you, love, Dan. Is tis a good or bad idea? If you can help me please do. I really think she might be ending our relationship for wrong reasons. Hope to hear rom you soon, Dan.

  38. sasha says:

    i really want my ex babe

  39. betty says:

    Thanks Rose..That helped alot. i was thinking of a spell to get my b/f back but when i read what you wrote it made lots of sense..Especailly the part about If you cast a love spell on your boyfriend, you will be affecting his ‘free will’ to do as he chooses in life. The Magick will influence his ‘decision’ to fall in love with you, or move on.I see things much different now after reading taht….thanks again

  40. Hosh says:

    Can i know the simplest and easiest general love spell any person can do for himself

  41. dina says:

    give me tht spell to find love NOT to get my ex plz and thnk u

  42. Baaby says:

    Dear Rose,
    i cheated on my boyfriend,
    and now i want him baack
    but he doesnt want anything to do with me.
    what shud i do.?

  43. keneisha Lee says:

    my boyfriend name is malica reid i love him but he doesn’t love me, i really love him and iwill be have a baby for him in the next seven(7) months i want my baby to be with his/her mom and dad not by his/her mom only. Please can you help me and make him love me and me only for the rest of his life,

  44. Aysha says:

    Hi my bf jus left me two days ago without a reason i really want him back is there any spell to make him want me or want me back i love him so much and feel like i cant do anything withouy him i need him bck in my life is there any spell to make him come back to me

  45. carla says:

    i really want my ex-boyfriend back but idk how to?

  46. AYESHA says:

    HI. REOSE, MY HUSBAND WENT back to ex after sending me in my country i m waitting he ll kal me there after soting visa stuffs but he really want to stay wid exwife and kids i dnt hv kids, please i really wnt my huzbnd bacxk in my life,iz there any free spel which u kuld cast for me to bring my husband back for ever from her ex i promise i ll pay u after i get job when i ll go to my husbands place,because i cant make my future here as my husband lives there please help, as i really seek ur help

  47. AYESHA says:

    hi, rose i love my husband but he has gone to exwife noew i am living alone and thewy are enjoying there lifed, please help me gto bring him back 4 ever

  48. brener says:

    unbelievable…I’m Brener from the U.K,I met a man that meant a lot to me ..we shared alot before finaly getting to settle down after we discovered we cant do without ourselves..we have been married for a couple of years now and blessed with a kid..i love this man so much and I will never denied that…he suddenly developed a new feelings and he told me he is no more in love..i tried all my best to convince him to stay but he said he can’t..A friend introduced me to a spell caster that helped her recently..i don’t believe in this but he convinced me to give it a trial..the spell caster make me realized that my husband has decided to leave cos a spell has been used on him by the other woman..he cast a love spell for me and I could not believe my husband came back begging after a very few days…you can contact the spell caster on [email protected] I am so sure he is gonna help you with spell powers.

  49. Jaspreet kaur says:

    Hi rose .pls tel me what i will i do that my boyfriend get back in my lif .now day he is in australia.he left me last year.nd we dnt hv any contact.

  50. jessica says:

    I have a gf who says she wants to be with me and that she loves me.. but she also has a boyfriend who she has been with for three years.. he practices black majic.. and i think he is keeping her there against her free will.. she tells me that he is mean to her and ive been there to see it.. he has pictures of her on his alter… she said she doesnt want me to give up on her.. i really believe she wants to leave.. but its like she is stuck… what can i do to help her?… plz and thank you

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