Are there bonds between Wind, Water, and People?

Is it possible that there can be bonds between something like Wind or Water and people? Whenever I get mad or scared the wind picks up and when I am happy the wind makes me feel light as a feather and runs lightly through my hair. I hope that doesn t sound strange, I just thought I’d ask…

Here is the short and simple answer YES!

There is very strong bond between every single one of us and the Wind, the Water, the Earth, and everything natural that is on this earth

It s a funny thing though. We all get wrapped up in our own little worlds, and it is so easy to loose sight of the big picture of our big, beautiful world.

There is obviously a strong bond between the wind and you, Anonymous, but I don t think it s in the way that you are thinking

First understand there are things in the world, and the universe, far bigger than each and every one of us and bigger than the little worlds we create for ourselves.

I think (actually I am quite sure) that the opposite is happening . when the wind is soft and light, it s calm and gentle energy makes you feel happy and even wonderful! And the connection is strong

On the other hand, when the wind kicks up and gets stronger your mood changes and you may become angry (sometimes without a reason).

It is important for you to explore ways you can use Magick to use the additional energy that the Wind brings to you, and focus it on the things you want out of life.

I really hope that you find ways to use the wind s powerful energies to help yourself, and others.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

13 Responses to “Are there bonds between Wind, Water, and People?”

  1. Loriann says:


    The faerie is beautiful blue. They are make up get the flower faerie. They love from faeries.

  2. On my journey as a witch i have found that there are many bond between elements. I hold the earth element within. When im outside around all the flowers and trees and the ground and grass i feel so at ease.. and i have found myself surrounded by fire! Almost all my sisters and the love of my life are fire! You seem to be wind, i wish you luck in the search for all the answers. Blessed Be.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Hi rose im new to this site and all this magic. But I had always hoped that these things existed somewhere in this world.
    Is it possible to find out what element am i aligned to?
    If so (just wondering) is it possible for a person to control a small portion of the power of the element within? Thanks again!! :>

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  6. cedrick says:

    please help me, i was wondering can people contorl the elements if so how.

  7. cedrick says:

    help me please.can people control the elements if so, how.

  8. Laura says:

    Merry Meet Rose! So thankful for you and your help! Here in my neck of the woods we are experiencing drought conditions. Will you please tell me what to do to receive much-needed rain?
    Thank you and blessed be!

  9. Zoey says:

    This may sound silly but I too feel a connection to an element I have a few friends interested in magic and discovering as much as we all can on it. I have a friend who experiences the same as this entry with wind, one with water(mostly rain), one with earth, and I feel a pull and calling towards fire. Is that odd to find people like us and is it all just in our heads? Please respond whenever you can. Thanks

  10. Morgyn freebyrd says:

    Merry meet Rose!
    I have been training with the wind since i was 7 and i am now 14 we havent gotten farther than hard blow yes light blow no… HELP!

    a raibh an chóir ghaoithe i gcrann ar do shon agus mise


  11. Shane says:

    all i really wanted was to be able to control an element like water or fire or even both could you help with that?

  12. keith says:

    sometimes i feel like the wind whispers in my ear and the water wants to tell me something…wierd,isnt it?

  13. mary says:

    I kind of have a question related to the answer.
    Ariadne, you said that there is a bond between us and Wind, Water, Earth and everything related to Earth. Did it just happened that you left Fire out or was there a reason, like any… I don’t know, special condition?
    I myself am not drawn to any element or at least I haven’t found it yet (maybe a little Earth thing and sometimes Light but from what I’ve heard on this subject people feel like the influence is from them to the nature when I feel strictly, as you’ve said, that only they influence me) so the question is more a theoretical one.
    Please someone answer?

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