How do I deal with a friend who is an Energy Vampire?

I have been practising wicca for the last 9 years, and i am feeling very strong in my magic. I call upon Athena as my mother and feel very connected to her. I have visions and get strong vibes and answers from the spiritual world.
But i have a problem, is that i live with a friend who seem to steal my energy, i have heard of psychic vampires, and i wonder if he isn’t one. he isn’t a bad person and doesn’t want to hurt me on purpose but he is very weak minded himself… I must stress that i am not in a relationship at the moment. I feel drained and very tired all the time, sometimes i need to sleep for 24hrs to recover and have similar symptoms as chronic fatigue, even though physically there is nothing wrong with me.
I don’t seeem to be able to protect myself and i feel very afraid, sometimes i feel like i have transference of energy between this person and me… why can’t i protect myself from him? I can protect myself against other people… he has refused to leave because he has no money, and i cannot move out of my own flat… I feel i don’t know how to get out of this situation, my psychic told me
that he is stealing energy from me… What can i do? pleaes help. thank you.

Merry Meet!

I am sorry to hear about your difficulty, and YES, you are quite right. Your friend is an energy vampire and it is not intentional.

Energy vampires are very common. They inadvertently and unintentionally drain your emotional and psychic energy. Because you are a practicing Witch, it makes my life much easier in terms of answering your question. In your own best interest you need to prevent this attack immediately. There are essentially two ways to do this. The one is by using the “White Light Exercise” and the “Pyramid Protection”. I will explain how at the end of this message. The other way is quick and easy. Just follow the instructions carefully:

  1. Using your right index finger and thumb, find a grip on the skin between your left index finger and thumb. You will find the pressure point easily. Get a good grip and hold it.
  2. Then, using your left index finger and thumb, find a grip on the skin between your right index finger and thumb. You will find that pressure point easily too. Get a good grip.
  3. In other words, your left hand is holding onto your right hand and your right hand is holding onto your left hand simultaneously.

One of the reasons why I like this technique is that it is not obvious. Another reason is that when an energy vampire colleague or friend approaches you unexpectedly it is quick and easy to “flip the switch”.

You may find that your friend, who is used to feeling all upbeat when leaving your presence (not surprisingly), may feel less upbeat when he leaves in future. You may find him saying “Something is wrong with you. You are just not the same as you used to be.”

Protecting your soul’s energy – the White Light Exercise

This you can do as often as is necessary, but preferably not more than once or twice a day. Wear comfortable clothing and go barefoot. You can either sit or lie down.

  1. Breathe deeply for two minutes. This is similar to soul breathing, except that you don’t hold your breath. 4 counts in, 4 counts out work well for me, but you will soon find your own rhythm.
  2. After these two minutes, breathe in deeply again. As you exhale, visualize a circle of energy in the form of a white light above your head. Sense this energy moving down your body in a clockwise direction.
  3. When it extends all the way down to your feet, it starts spinning faster, taking the shape of a funnel (just like a small, harmless tornado). It moves up – from your feet to your head. You see it ejecting negative energy along the way. It moves down your body again – spinning a little slower – all the way to your feet.
  4. Imagine this white light energy collapsing into a disk shape and settling below the soles of your feet. Now see a gold band of energy moving up from your feet to your head. As this gold band rises, it leaves a thin, golden shield around your aura. This shield only allows positive energy to enter your auric field.
  5. The white light fills the golden shield and exits slowly from your crown. Notice that the shield is sealed of – below your feet and just above your crown.
  6. Spend five minutes visualizing the protective shield.
  7. Take a few breaths and relax. Know you are safe.

Pyramid Protection

You can create the pyramid whenever you have the need – with practice you will be able to invoke it almost instantaneously.

  1. Mentally create three green triangles as tall as you and join these together to form a pyramid.
  2. Notice how it is perfectly sealed at all the corners and all the edges.
  3. The green color emanating from the walls around you fills the entire pyramid and is all around you.
  4. After a while you see the outer green walls of the pyramid changing to gold, until the entire pyramid is covered by a thin gold layer.
  5. Feel the protective power of the pyramid around you. Only positive energy can enter.
  6. Meditate on this image for five minutes.
  7. Take a few breaths and relax. Know you are safe.

You can create these pyramids around your family, house, car, possessions, bed etc. as a form of protection against psychic attack. I do it routinely as a precaution.

If all else fails, you may need to consider moving away or asking him to move away. I sincerely hope that it will not come to that and wish you all of the best in resolving the problem at hand. Also, try to reinforce your protection with some crystals and incense. Every little bit helps.

In Love and Light!

Blessed Be!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

3 Responses to “How do I deal with a friend who is an Energy Vampire?”

  1. Karla L Seger says:

    Rose , thank you for taking the time to answer all the questions that have been presented. I can truly say I have enjoyed each and every one of them.
    Karla Seger

  2. uknown says:

    I am a vampire myself and I can tell you theres something in particular over human energy that we dont get out of spiritual energy, we drain the nearest to us and it becomes an addictive habit, it is very bad i lived with my mother for several years and in those years i started realizing what i was and i needed more energy to store but i didint realize i was taking it from her and she got very sick, so i adivce you to take matters soon because you could get sick. like the people around me do sometimes…

  3. Dz says:

    I have always seen this problem but so many people cant understand it but i will try in a psychic vampire there a hungry soul wishing and wanting energy with out knowing and trying to control this soul it shall drain with out the person knowing that it is doing it how do i know this I my self am a psychic vampire and my powers are to be known but with out the knowing you can hurt and even kill humans beause so many have a weak souls he needs to control that child soul of his then you will be safe you can not stop a psychic vampire we can not be stop so easily but if the vampire it self wishs and finds control with him self a lot of people will be safe i just wish that all my kind known the risk and the control like i do no one by me is hurt and i help them by even giving my own energy to them so psychic vampire are not all bad thats all i want to say

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