What do the colors of auras mean?

What are the different colors of auras around people, and what do they mean?

You’ll get a different answer depending on who you talk to, but here is a very basic chart:


Red is usually seen around children who have yet to reach the age of physical maturity, boundless energy and enthusiasm for life. Darker reds can be an indication of anger or violence.


vitality and optimism.


Sunny yellow shows someone with lots of ideas. Again it is a sign of optimism and cheerfulness.


close to nature. Gardeners often have green in their aura. It can also denote healing ability. Khaki green though isn?t healthy, someone can be literally ?green with envy?.


creative and imaginative It also occurs in the aura of someone who is very intuitive.


A spiritual person. psychic potential. Deep purple shades can indicate pride.


A very spiritual colour. Someone who is working with healing energy. Dirty greyish white can indicate areas of illness, so pay attention to what area of the body radiates dirty white, you might be able to help them, they might not even know that they are sick.


Often seen in the aura of pregnant women.


peace. Someone who has a positive sense of self and is willing to help others.

Notice that black is not mentioned. If you see black, the person is often very ill, either physically or mentally. It does not denote evil.

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  1. Jason Smith says:


    I have a question. One of my friends says he can see my aura and says that it’s usually multicolored. Typically consisting of all or most of the available colors.

    I can’t seem to locate information regarding what this means. Wondering if you can help me.



  2. tawanda says:

    hey,i would like to ask you am i or do you no am i pregant andif so could you tell me how many weeks and will it be diease free.thanks

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