Do love spells go against the other person’s will?

hi rose

i hope you get this because i really dont have anyone else to turn to
regarding this situation and I really need some good advise.

Like all your other clients I’m coming to you about a love spell.
I come across so many sites that say doing this type of spell is very
dangerous b/c your going against someone’s will.

Does it go against someones will if you have bad intensions to start
off with? What if in your heart this is what you really want without
any malice motives behind it. I have came across maybe 2-3 sites that
proclaim that their spells wont backfire because its a positive spell
thats being casted and as long as you have a pure heart and doing it for
the highest of all good. What is your take on that?

My case is that my live in boyfriend of a year 1/2 left 6 mo. ago and the breakup has been anything but easy to get over. You would think all this
time feelings would’ve changed. At this present time he is involved with
someone else. By all means my motives behind it all is not to hurt
her since another heart is involved. I just want my man back and how
we use to be before things started to fall apart between us.

From the 6-7 month of us dating I was so sure I found my soulmate
within him. I just knew this was the end of my journey concerning
men. I want a family with this man. I want us to be better for
eachother and grow in a positive direction.

I thank you for ur patience and I hope your able to give me more
insight on what you think and what you think I should do, and what
you think that might happen if I follow my heart and go on ahead with
it anyway?



I agree with most of the other sites, casting a love spell on someone without their permission is a problem. It doesn’t matter whether you have good intentions or bad intentions. The bottom line is that you are trying to force someone to do what you want rather than what they want. That is the problem.

You don’t say why you ended things with the man that you thoguht might be your soulmate, but he is with someone else. That means that you are trying to use magic for selfish reasons and not caring who else might be hurt in the process. What you need to do is cast a love spell on yourself, tasking the universe to help you find the one person that is right for you. By telling the Lord and Lady that you are ready for love, you are not imposing your will on someone else, but you are asking that good things happen to you.

This is a much better approach to love spells. Casting a love spell on this man, whether he is your soulmate or not, is not your place, especially while he is involved with soeme else. That is just a sign of selfishness and an indication that you are not ready for love. It means to me that you are trying to force him to do what you feel you need.  You didn’t mention, is he happy in the relationship he is in right now? Do you even care about his happiness? Until you are more concerned about his happiness than your own, you aren’t ready for love.

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