Do Vampires Exist?

I belive vampires exist, but I’m not to sure. Do Vampires exist?

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Yours is an interesting question and I am going to try my best to cast a little light on the dark subject of vampirism. Vampirism can take two forms. There is psychic vampirism and then the much publicized for of vampirism where blood is consumed.

Blood Vampires / Sanguine Vampires

The latter – blood vampires – appeared in the lore of many cultures from across the globe, including Europe, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, Nepal, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Africa and Peru. The following people were said to be modern day vampires: Vlad Tepes, Elizabeth of Bathory , Gilles de Rais and Countess Misty. I suggest you read up about them. There is also a book on real life vampires called ‘Bloodlust’, written by Carol Page. She investigated the subject well. The book documents her interviews with a selection of people who claim to be vampires.  

Psychic Vampires

Psychic Vampires feed off the life energy of their victims. The first type comprises of those people who are psychic vampires without realising it. They are quite simple to deal with – you set up a protective shield around you and avoid them – full stop.

The second type of Psychic Vampire knows that he or she is a psychic vampire and can be classified into two groups: The ethical and the unethical. Ethical vampires will only partake in the energy of another with permission and then only a minimum amount. An unethical vampire will partake energy without asking permission and too much. Unethical vampires can be very dangerous indeed and often prey on individuals who are emotionally vulnerable or even support groups comprising of vulnerable people.

There is quite a bit of information available on the internet on psychic vampirism, so perhaps you would like to research the topic a little further.

I hope this answered your question.

Brightest Blessings.

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5 Responses to “Do Vampires Exist?”

  1. matina says:

    this question is really intersting and i belive that this is true but i have never seen vampires before.

  2. mikey says:

    I’ve may be young but I have met 3 vamps 2 good and well the other bad the one that was bad was once in a nearby coven of mine. One day he tried to force his way to be the leader but they told him no so he threatened them and he was put in lame man terms kicked out he then was furies I saw him and thought I would try and calm him down well it worked for awhile then I started to feel weak and I told told him and he sead good I’ll make u as weak as I can, I think I should have known but I didn’t after that I got as far away as I could and ran after that nothing I never saw him again

  3. Dz says:

    psychic vampires are a great beast i do enjoy being a beast and a monster that everyone fears but with the ones that she explained we are kind if we want to be i can take all i wish upon your dreams and thoughts any thing is to grab for me but after a while you get tired of seeing the same thoughts people almost always thing the same dreams of good future money and sex always the same i always say humans are weak and dumb for always thinking the same but i do try think good for most the ones that want the better future that i dream about the world that is at peace and only one evil us the psychic pampires that would do no harm but taken nagitive and turn it into positive that all i want for the future

  4. tina says:

    Yes we are real.My Vampire (vampyre)awakening proccess began for me in i’ve been awakened to who and what i truly am for 16 years . It wasn’t something that i greted with open arms at first but i eventually accepted the truth and i ‘m very content with being vampire.

  5. tina says:


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