Do you have to be a certain age to do magic?


Wonderful question. The answer has a lot to do with which form of the craft you practice. Some groups believe that the sooner you start working with a child, the easier it is for them because the “slate is clean.” Others believe that a coming of age for a young witch is 13 (of course!)

However; the most realistic value I have come across is that once a solitary practitioner begins working with a mentor, the teacher will decide when one has become a “full fledged” witch or priestess, if you happen to be into covens and ranks. Some covens even use different colored cords around the waist or cloaks to identify witches who are “higher ranking.” The best part about that question is that when you teach a toddler to blow on a seeded dandelion and make a wish you have just taught them magick. Toss a penny in a fountain and make a wish? Magick. True magick should be part of the life process, and can begin as early as someone teaching you that you manifest things into your life, so concentrate on the good. When you learn that you are truly the master of your own destiny, what more power could there be? Even the religions who absolutely condemn witchcraft believe that we are born with freedom of choice.

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