Do you need a hand with questions?

Dear Rose ,This is the new witch on the block ,that was fixing her attic for cat rescue, don’t know if you remember me.
Any ways I just put some possitive feed back for the poor little girl wanting to heal her body from disease.
WOW you must be over wehlemed. I also saw the young man on dialysis.I have been living by the wiccan ways all my life ,never even knowing of Wicca, now that I am practicing the craft my self ,it has come very easily to me, seems so natural.
I do not wast the lord or the ladys time on trivial thing so that when I really need help they listen. Yes it’s sounds crazy ,but it is so real!!! still am learning as go on every day ,but seems like i have done this befor. Well I guess what I wanted to tell you is if you ever need any help with responding to all these questions I would be willing to help. I do not have a job , am at my computer most of the day, like I said I have not called my self a witch for very long,but I think a lot of these people just need a awise womans hand to show them the way to a better life & to believe.
Thanks for time Blessed Be ~ Tabby

Dear Tabby–

I’m so glad to hear that you have found the right practice for you. Are you part of a coven or a solo practitioner? Is the animal rescue going well?

Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. Some of the questions answered here on a regular basis are difficult and require the wisest of answers. Then, I usually turn to other practiing pagans and wiccans for advice and assistance. As you know, many people practie the Faith in many different forms, so having access to a large number of practitioners to draw guidance from never hurts.

That said, while I appreciate the offer, now is not the time to gather additional assistants. Please do not take this as a personal reflection as your note reflects a great understanding of the craft from someone who has been practicing for such a short time. One word of advice for you: Never unerestimate the love and assistance that you can receive from the Lord and Lady. What may seem trivial to you may be much larger in the schemes of the universe and turning you difficulties over to their assistance is always welcome.

No, you shouldn’t expect the Universe to solve every little problem for you, but the wisdom to solve the problems yourself can often be found by asking for the Lord and Lady to point the way. And, don’t forget to thank them for the assistance that they give. Sometimes, people act as though they are self-reliant when that really means they are not acknowledging the assistance they are receiving.

Best wishes for your endeavors. Blessed Be!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. marko says:

    Dear Rose,i have a question about real evil i spoke to what called hemself a demon he was trying to kill a friends dad who had cancer i got in the middle one night it pulled itsself from a wall it said he was told to kill hem i told it he would have to fight me it came back latter and took the old man the way we spoke in our minds only my friends did not belive me. What did i fight with that night why did it happen to me Rose?
    Thank you for helping all of us doing magick
    Blessed Be.
    Love Marko

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