Does passing my negative energy to someone else hurt them?

I found a spell for getting rid of self negative thoughts but in the spell it tells me to chant the name of a passed relative and ask them to take all of my negative thoughts. Is this right? I thought the whole point was not to harm others, surely doing this would. I don’t like the idea of passing my negativity onto someone else. Is there an alternative?

Good catch. The spell you found may not be Wiccan or it may be that the person who wrote it thought that by asking a loved one to take on your negativity, you would not be harming them.

Ultimately , the decision of whether this is harmful is up to you. If you feel that asking someone who has passed on for help in taking away your pain is doing harm to them, then this is not a spell you should consider enacting. Much of the key to Wicca is the mentality with which it was practriced.

For example, if you think that asking your departed loved one for assistance is okay and something that they would help you with out of love, then using the spell would be okay. However, if you feel that using it would cause harm to the people that you love, you should never use it.

The best alternative to using the spell is to simply release your negativity into the universe. Find a way to ground yourself and then, let go of the negative energy. This can be doen through breathing exercise or simply envisioning the negativity flowing away from you.

Personally, I am fond on picturing tiny bubbles, with labels of the things I want to get rid of, floating away from me is a simple way to release the energy. Just remember the next step in the process is to open yourself up tot he positive energy around you. Find soemthing to be thankful for and give thanks for it. sometimes, it can be soemthing as simple as a snowflake or raindrop. For me, it’s often the purrs of my cat.

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