Does visualizing love or money spells help or hinder the spells?


Thank you for sending me your newsletter, I truly enjoy it.

I am a beginner and it helps me to get a better understanding of what to do or not do.

I do have a question about the love spells.

You said in your last newsletter that you must cast the spell and let it go. I understand that. When, where and how will happen in its proper time.

But I heard that visualizing it as if it has been done helps the spell.
Like it is for a specific person you may be interested in visualizing the two of you together like on a date or something. Or if it is a money or health you visualize yourself with money or being in better health etc.

Or does that hinder the spells?

That is a GREAT question, and one that deserves a good response and I believe that the answer already lies within your wonderful question.

You are so very correct. Visualization is one of the most important things whenever you cast ANY spell. And it works best when done DURING the spell the more intense your visualization of what you desire, the more Magick energy will charge the spell and be released into the cosmos.

But be careful.

Continuing your visualizations after the spell is very close to dwelling on the results, and can hinder your spells. You aren t letting the spell go if you are thinking about it and visualizing the results. Don t. Visualize your desires as much as you can during the spell, but let it go and fade from your mind AFTER you are done

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