Has my husband ever cheated on me and if so, when?

Has my husband ever cheated on me and when was it done?

I’m not sure why you think I would know or how you would expect me to be able to tell. Witch does not equal psychic. Some witches, me included, have psychic abilities, but that does not include the ability to look at a computer screen and determine from an 11 word question what deeply personal secrets your husband might be keeping from you.

What I can tell you based on your question is that you and your husband need to seek counseling for the trust issues in your marriage. Obviously, you believe that he cheated on you. If you have not already asked him about this, I suggest you do so. Tell him why you suspect it and ask him if it happened.

If you do not feel that you can ask him such a thing, you need counseling. If you believe he would lie to you, you need counseling. If he would lie to you, you need counseling/  The bottom line is that if you have reason to ask this question, then soemthing isn’t right in your reltionship.

If things were going all splendidly there, you would either not have the question at all, or would have resolved it directly with your husband. The reality is that it is possible. It happens more than most people would care to admit. But if it is happening to you, only you and your husband can fix it.

And, if it turns out he is or has cheated on you, then you need to think about your reaction before you simply fly off the handle. Ask yourself what factors contributed to his decision to cheat. Ask if it meant anything to him and ask yourself if you can live with knowing he did it and love him anyway.

It’s a very hard position to be in, but you must be careful to choose love over anger.

Blessed be!

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  1. amber says:

    I knew my husband had a phone affair for just over a year-it was just starting again-i wanted to leave-he lies to me to keep things calm! I just found out after he swore on my children that he never met this girl that they had met! He flew her in when he was out of town-he boght her a “Tiffani’s” bracelette too…mine for anniv-hers for Val.day…he has told her he loves her & that he will get his vesectomy reversed to have kids w/her. We have been happyaijust built a half mil $ house been married for 8 yrs-have 3 kids! This has been going on with this girl for over 5 yrs-im sooo blind-she is nice & pretty too-i hate that we are both hurt by him. What to do?
    Thanks! Amber

  2. gigi teeley says:

    I need to know if my husband, who is frequently on the road because he is a musician, has cheated on me? He has admitted to one time a few years ago, but I think there are more infidelities in the past. He has promised it will not happen again and that he loves me.

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