How can I attract an incubus?

Hi rose, I found this posting online through another website. I feel as this woman does and have the exact same question. I’m an Aromatherapist for the past 7 years, in an empty sexless marriage and do not desire fleshy men due to the lack of satisfaction., Kya Daves, Thank you.

—-Warm wishes and respect to you. It relates to having sex or an orgy with the incubus. My educational background is in the sciences so I want to test and experience everything. I would like to experience an orgy or individual sex with incubus or incubi. I hope my terminology is correct. If not please let me know as I am teachable. I do not own any witchcraft or ritual devices, besides 3 black candles, to perform an incantation or evocation. I am hoping you will teach me how to perform a ritual with items I will have around the home. I am an expert in essential oils and have many medicinal quality oils, plus beautiful essential oil candles of high quality. I have read a couple of online articles and tried the suggestions written but nothing has happened. Due to my own error I am sure. I am highly sexual – liking men and the male sex organ. I also am willingly seeking this incubus experience which I thought might be attractive to these spirits? I will be a willing sexual partner. What can I do? Is there any symbology that I can find online and use to assist this experience? And is this really possible or is it just a myth? If you are able to assist me I am thankful. I know this must take time away from your other activities – I want you to know that I really and very much appreciate you time and energy spent helping me. Warm regards and kind thoughts. —–

I cannot begin to explain everything that is wrong with your request. Looking for sexual satisfaction from demons is not the best way to correct your sexual needs.

If you are, as described by the woman you quote, in a sexless marriage/relationship, my first suggestion would be that you delve into why your significant other seems unable to satify you. If you are fascinated with sex and the male sex organ, but not getting satisfaction out of your relationship, my first thought is that there are for more troubling issues in your relationship.

A good sexual relationship does not have to be just about the physical. Mental and emotional stimulation play a huge part in satisfaction. There’s a reason for foreplay that has nothing to do with arousing the body, though that helps.

Begin fixing your sex life by talking to your significant other. If your husband feels the way you do, there is a chance that you are simply not communicating on a level where sex can be good. If he is satisfied with your sex life, explain to him that you are not. DO NOT BLAME

This should be done gently, explaining that you feel the need for something different and then you should be willing to try something different. If you are as sexually-oriented as you suggest in your question, you should be able to discuss openly with him how he can satisfy your needs either with the use of roleplay or toys or simply another form of stimulation.

Whatever your sexual needs are, sex with a spirit is not the answer. You need to communicate with the lover you have and if that doesn’t work and you cannot fix the relationship, then you should seek counseling to determine why another human being is insufficient to satisfy you.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. Art says:

    What you contemplate is very dangerous. An Incubus or Sucubus for that matter is not interested in satisfying you…it’s interested in it’s own satisfaction. So when it is done with you…you will more than likely be drained of your soul also. Sex is far more meaningful and beautiful when you’re in love. Listen to Rose…please.

  2. A reader (Art) commented on “How can I attract an incubus?”:

    “An Incubus or Succubus is not interested in satisfying you… it’s interested in it’s own satisfaction. ”

    I don’t see why that should in itself be bad. Aren’t most men like that ? (Except those who experience deep unselfish love).

    I know my views are not in accordance with the generally accepted ones but I believe incubi are astrals beings who do not wish us humans evil; simply they enjoy sex to the point of obsession. And being non-material they can enjoy our bodies from outside AND inside – beyond (as is the case with in-matter-enslaved men) merely vaginally and anally ! … I love it when my incubus fondles my belly from the INSIDE … oh mmm :-) I hope my straight talk is not inappropriare – why not be candid on this topic ?

  3. sharon says:

    I read the above about an incubus sexual relationship.. I did find a site of “ancientblackmagic” there is someone there can perform this spell for incubus sex. He questioned me if it was what I really wanted. Yes, was my answer. He is performing it for me and I can’t wait for my sexual experience.

  4. anita says:

    Hi my name is anita and lately for the last two to three years I’ve had what I believe is an Incubus visiting me – I’ve always managed to break free – by either breaking loose from it’s grip or by calling out to jesus
    a coupld of nights ago it josseled me and it made a point of making sure i knew it was on top of me – it had me pinned down, by restraining my wrists and it wispered my name in my ear
    I felt it’s strength and layed still and said in my mind Jesus loves me and will protect me and it vanished, just like that.
    Honestly I don’t masterbate very often = and I wonder if there was a spell that was put on me?? I hope you can help me -
    thnk you

  5. Paul West says:

    I never came under any attack of any kind until a weather related incident changed all that. As a storm chaser who would foolishly stand right in front of a fully developed F5 tornado just to record it, I never experience any kind of attacks sexual or spiritual until after recording some disturbing paranormal images deep inside of one particular twister in the year 1989.

    The life-changing incident occurred in a small town called Milford MI where I once lived. Shortly after recording these images, using a VHS camcorder the attacks began. Some sexual at first, many more school-room class nightmares with inward symbolic intrusions. During the night, I’m forced into a reeducation seminar conducted by some angry demonic spirits. The overall curriculum is quite easy to understand “stop trying to promote the storm video and the attacks will cease. Rejecting these threats as just stupid dreams, I continued to promote the video by calling a few tabloids and trying to arrange a demonstration with their CEOs. Now that was a very big mistake, the attacks increased hundredfold until the disturbing video data mysteriously disappeared and the attacks ended with its disappearance. It remained missing for two decades than just turned up under some weird circumstances last year along with new and more frightening attacks.

    The video data now back in my possession which started all these attacks in the first place, is excessively controversial to merely be displayed on the Web, “that I now realize.” Sarcastically speaking, there’s nothing much to this video data, just the super bright image of an angelic being locked in a frightening battle against a storm controlling spirit of some kind. All this paranormal jazz took place inside a fully developed F5 tornado cloud.

    (The complete sequence of events)

    A storm approached Milford MI in the late spring of 1989 and instantly spewed out this F5 monster. Now while the people where running all around screaming in fear of it’s sudden appearance, I stood there as usual with no fear whatsoever recording it with my camcorder when these images appeared deep inside it, then within 30 seconds they disappeared taking that monster of a tornado with them.

    Shortly after filming this apparent miracle high in the sky, the attacks became so bad that I contemplated suicide as a way of escaping them. Obviously, the creature or creatures only wanted one thing of me, and would stop at nothing to get it. I could escape all this Hell if I simply erased the evidence of the encounter. I was promised many times that in doing so these vicious sexual attacks would stop. In addition, they did stop for 18 years while the data was missing, and started back up once it was found. There’s nothing that would make me erase the only concrete piece of evidence that links the spiritual world to this physical world. Through trial and error, I manage to suppress these evil spirits for the time being by placing two Bibles one on each side of that VHS cassette tape containing those taboo images from 1989. Now I sleep a little better at night after praying for the lord’s awesome protection.

    I will refrain from trying to introduce this evidence to the world until I can do so without any lasting interference from these creatures. Incidentally, I managed to get a digital copy of the data on “You Tube” a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, it only lasted a few hours on public display before it was mysteriously erased from that video web site. I uploaded that same digital file to three others, and in every case, the information was deleted before a handful of people could view it. Obviously these things don’t take kindly too any form of public exhibition.

    In conclusion, the attacks do continue off and on whenever I let down my guard or threaten to once again go public with this video data from the past.


  6. kara123 says:

    I think the lady requesting the incubus doesn’t understand the risk of forever hearing voices and becoming mentaly ill from these spirits. Some times they stay with you and live inside your body. It much more than sex or hearing voices – you stay to experience the paranormal on many levels. Not fun most of the time.

  7. Mary Wilson says:

    if i could get rid this incubus thing or whatever it is that sexually haunts me, i would do it in a heartbeat. for over nine years i haven’t been able to have any children because of these things. they were never invited into my home and body. it’s a very painful experience. i don’t wish anyone to ever go thru what i’m going through. my suggestion is not to mess with them.

  8. Michelle says:

    I wish I had one visiting me, well maybe just one time to see what it was like. Anita next time it bothers you then tell it to come and see me. Seriously…. =)

  9. lisa says:

    everyone has their own choices to make in life and carnt understand no disrespect why this lady would want to experiance such a terrifying ordeal, for me ive had no choice for the last fourteen years and would love it to stop, no matter where i live it follows im not asleep when it happens and i know when it is in the room with me its not a nice experiance has you know it(i say it because you dont know wot it is def not human)feels evil you are completly paralized and cannont move you try and shout and scream with everything in you but nuthing comes out you try and kick and punch but you carnt move i never give in fighting,after fourteen years i am not has scared and think oh god not again but with everything in me i would love this to stop i hate it and although this lady might think that this will be an enjoyable experiance because shes willing beleave me it wont be, whilst the attacks take place you have an electric current like feeling running from top to toe which is awfull and knowing that this thing is over you because you can feel it it has no respect for you and she will truley regret messing with dark entities inviting them into your home is worse and she is asking for a serious load of trouble, i wish you luck cause your deffinatly going to need it sorry but i think you need to see somebody and i dont mean a sex theripist!

  10. Eowyn says:

    Hey Sharon, how’d it go?!

  11. willow says:

    hi!ive had an incubus visit me and i was just waking early in the morning and i couldnt move and it had complete control of me and i couldnt speak at all.its a feeling i could never exsplain or ever forget it was like a full body orgasm if there is such a thing.i didnt feel like it was trying to hurt me but it was raping me,and as insane as it may sound i wouldnt mind it happening again .it was so f**king out of this world it was great !

  12. Succubusluver69 says:

    Hi Kya,

    First off, don’t let anyone else tell you that having an Incubus for a lover is wrong!
    If it feels right for you go for it! I’ve been having intimate experiences for easily over 2 decades from both Succubi and Incubi and I’ve never regretted having them visit, it’s a fantastic experience to say the least!
    I would be happy to share info on how you can try to attract an Incubus (or more than one since you mentioned it), please feel free to write me at [email protected] Always happy to help other openminded adults who are serious about wanting to meet such incredible lovers.

  13. LINDA says:

    I had a roommate that I think was into black magic and ever since she came and left I have had real-life extreme sex dreams which I’m assuming to be incubus. At first, it seemed like it was her but then I realized there were different men and sometimes the same men several times. They are dominating, the way I like. One situation was when I was in a room and a guy showed up with a big smile looking like an ex of mine. He told me “lets go over here” and I saw the other room with a simple bed. I made an excuse and he said “Come on, we’re going to be living together”. I then said “But I didn’t sign anything – it’s not final yet!” Then I went to the window and got nervous that my boyfriend would find out and he said “he’s not going to know” and pulled me away. I didn’t remember the inbetween part but next thing I know I’m on the bed feeling uncomfortable in my sexual position with my right foot on the bed while I think I was leaning with the other leg to accomodate him. Then I remember asking him to please not cum in me and next thing I know he fully came anyway. Another dream was when I was outside in my yard and I saw some guys talking around two new black and red large storage containers. I was behind them trying to hear and look at what they were talking about. When they were done, I asked the one guy why the container doors were opened and he said “the wind”. But I told him that I never had that problem before. Next thing I know, he looks at me while going behind me and I feel an intense sexual ecstacy and desire to release, but I didn’t feel any penetration. I constantly have these dreams and they are very real with different men personalities. I will wake up in my dream and see someone on top of me, or some will make me get into uncomfortable positions (in my dream) to accomodate them, and some will just stimulate me without my feeling penetration. I have been able to reduce the occurrences by calling to god but they don’t go away. I will always be a “submissive lover” so I actually enjoy these dreams and decided to keep a positive attitude about everything.

  14. qwerty says:

    You Can Search For A Man Don’t Use Demons To Have A Sex
    My Advice Is Just Use A Love Attraction Spell Or Potion.
    Mostly Love Spells Are Used In Black Magic That’s All I Can Help Hope You Can Use My Idea..

  15. Yellow Rose says:

    Sorry about the typos in my last post. It’s hard to type & edit something properly when your man is talking to you while you’re trying to type & telling you to look at something on the damn tv. *Sigh.*

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  18. Genny says:

    I have been visited by inccubis a few times, we call him(my friends and i) call him corky cause he smells like wine cork. He rarely comes anymore cause i carry garlic n rosemary (demon repellents) most of thetime, but he visited me 2 nights ago.

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