How do I determine my gift?

Hallo my name is Remy Biggers I have been gifted as many
others have but my abilities are not powerful yet.I am
12 years old and i’m waiting for my mom to teach me at the right age which I dont know. Anyway I have been searching one right web site where I can see not buy but see and read spells potions and how to control my powers. Please write me back I need answers to what I am gifted with thankyou.

Sincerely: Remy Biggers


At your age, it’s okay to be a little confused about where your powers lie. You sound like a very mature student, because you want to read and research to determine your powers. However, most teachers do not like to begin teaching studnets until they are 18.

Since you already know that your Mom is going to be willing to teah you, the best option is to talk to her. Find out when she started learning and what she recommends for you. Since she is close to you and knows you best, she may have some insight to help you determine where to look for your personal powers. And, as your mom, she probably already has a good idea where your talents lie.

Another good option at this age is for you to start learning the history of the craft and start teaching yourself the other things you need to know. For example, once you are ready to learn the Faith, you will want to be able to focus your energy into your powers. Start now learning to meditate and then you will be able to pick up and control your powers much better once your mom decides the time is right for you to start learning.

And, don’t be surprised that your powers are not very strong yet. Most of the time, people do not come into their power until they are older and even then practice and understanding are required before you can determine how perful you will be.

Keep studying and listen to what your mom has to say. You will be surprised how much she knows and how well she can help you.

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