How do I make people do what I want them to?

how do you cast spells to make anything or anyone do want with one single speach.

This is not an appropriate use of the Craft!

Wiccans and pagans do not use their spells to command other people to do antyhing. What you are wanting to do violates the other person’s free will and therefore violates the very basic premise of the Wiccan Rede: “Do What Thou Wilt.”

Your question is based on the idea of controlling someone else. Why would you want to do that? IF you are a practititioner of the Faith, you know that doing something bad like that to someone else will only result in the badness coming back to you three times over.

If you are not a practitioner, then I have to believe you are another of the myriad of people who has seen one too many episodes of “Charmed” or too many bad movies about the Craft and thinks that witches are evil. Witchcraft is used to help your fellow man, not force them into things.

In addition, if you do not believe in the magic, it will, usually, not work. So, breaking the basic principals of the Faith to try to do something that you don’t believe in will only result in harm to yourself.  And, even if you did believe in it, spells don’t give you the ability to command someone else with a single word or phrase. Hypnosis might. Imaginary powers of imaginary creatures might. I think legend has it some vampires can perform that kind of mind trick, but this is a site about a real religion and the real ways it can be used.

There is no reason to seek this kind of power over other people. It is much better to try to talk to people about what you wnat from them and to work things out like adults. Trying to find a way to control someone else’s mind is very much like kidnapping or unlawful restraint and makes you a very bad person.

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  1. Jessica Shue says:

    No, it’s not always bad or wrong to make someone do something. There just are just reasons for commanding someone to do something. This black and white type of thinking has no place in the Craft, or my version of it.

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