How do I meet real Witches?

How do i meet REAL beleivers? All my life i have meet people who just want to take advantage of me?

Many people struggle to find real friends and people who will be supportive and caring, unfortunately this can be difficult. A few tips I can share about finding true friends include:

1 Don t rush to judgment. Get to know a person and make your own decision about them once you see get to know them and see how the treat other people. This can be especially true with friends of the opposite sex. You can also examine your motives when you make friends. Why do you want to get to know new people?
2 Don t make decisions about people based solely on their appearance or possessions. There are many great people who might not skinny, tall, short, attractive or have a lot of possessions. These are superficial things and will not help you make true friends.
3 Be a good friends to others. The better friend you are, the better friends you willl attract.

None of this is to say that you aren t a wonderful person. Great people have rotten friends and are taken advantage of from time to time.

When you are looking for other Wiccas these resource will help you. Remember, that many covens are not listed anywhere because of the potential for harassment and problems with others. Here are some websites that might be able to help you find other Wiccas in your area.

A good place to start, could be which is a part of the Wiccan Directory Project. This site offers free listings for covens who want to solicit new membership. You need to know that over 90% of the covens do not list themselves publicly. But, with the behavior and attitudes of the religious intolerant, you really cannot blame them.

The Wiccan Directory Project offers an anonymous database for your use and on over 3,000 websites nationwide. Most people who visit this directory are practicing Wiccas or honestly want to learn more. This site offers anonymous email for email communication for people involved with covens and those who want to learn. This service is called the Magick Mailbox and it is a go between for you to find the people you seek without having to worry about judgmental or narrow minded individuals.

Here are some tips for you:
This doesn t mean that your coven will increase dramatically if you list it in the directory, but it will make you accessible to people who want to join you.
People who are in covens, should take their time and get to know the people who approach them. It also doesn t mean that you have to accept the people who approach you. They want to join you, but do you want them?
Ask potential members the tough questions. This can be an effective screening process and you want to protect your current members.
Always meet for the first time in public and never alone.

To find out more about your own Magick Mailbox, visit

You can go here to find a listing of people in your area:

There are covens in many areas. Below are some web pages which could help you locate local resources:

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