How is Wicca related to Native American beliefs?

Does Wicca have any relation to the Native American beliefs, such as spirit animals? What significance do animals hold in Wiccan society?

Wicca — also known as the Old Religion, Witchcraft, or the Craft — is derived from the old Anglo-Saxon word “wicce,” pronounced “witche,” giving rise to the commonly used but frequently misunderstood term Witchcraft. “Wicce” meant a practitioner of the Old Religion, and reflects the influence of the Old Norse word “vitke,” meaning a priestess, seer or shaman. The word pagan is from the Latin “paganus”, a country dweller. “Heathen,” another related term also misinterpreted as a pejorative, meant one who dwelt on the heath. All were European peoples who, like Native Americans and other indigenous groups, lived close to the Earth and respected their relationship to nature as sacred. Nature is a large part of the Native American traditions and Wicca follows many similar traditions.

The Wiccan tenet is that spiritual insight is achieved through living in harmony with the Earth. Like the spiritual worldview and practices of Native Americans, Taoists and many indigenous Earth religions, Wiccan spiritual practices will attune humanity to the natural rhythms and cycles of nature. Rituals coincide with the phases of the moon, which are particularly significant for women, and the seasonal changes. Wiccans seek to live in a balanced way with nature and to practice their spirituality not only in sacred rituals but in the way they live each day. Thus the Divine is experienced not only in prayer, meditation, ritual, and shamanic work, but in gardening, preparing a meal, recycling trash, making love, giving birth, and growing old. Divine presence is felt in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food upon our tables, the creatures and plants with which we share this beautiful planet, and the sacred Earth that nourishes and sustains us.

Reverence for the Earth expresses reverence for the Divine which it reflects a deep ecological concern which is more than pragmatic. As an embodiment of the Divine, the Earth is not treated as a utilitarian object, to be exploited, polluted and destroyed for man’s short-term greed. Rather it is inherently sacred in its value. This fundamental respect for the Earth as sacred has drawn many people to the practice of Wicca and, like other indigenous religions, may be one of its greatest contributions to a world imperiled by ecological crisis.

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2 Responses to “How is Wicca related to Native American beliefs?”

  1. Gary Harrelson says:

    As A practicing native american shaman I have personnelly met many who claimned to be witches.These people are mostly fools,liers and self deceptive frauds.They have read all the new age books, socialize in all the right circles and each one is nothing more then a fake and a poser.Yet if you go down to the Rio Grand you will meet Real witches.These real witches have real abilities.I have witnessed transformations by these witches into animals,I,v seen them raise spirits to cause hail and lightning and even tornados even when there were no storms in the area or forcasts.I,ve also witnessed them at war with one another and I have seen magic spells that killed their victims in short order from great distances.A real witch can do magic and they don,t practice out of a book, neither do they practice Harm none,Real magic exsists and the true witchcraft has more power then a poser could ever handle thats the differance between a real native american witch and the new age BS of the poser type most people see today.

  2. Cody Ralston says:

    Hey Garey Harrelson, if you dont mind… ide like to speak with you… I have been meaning to get in touch with a Native American shaman… not just because I want to be one… but because I myself am Native american and i believe one would help me to interpret my visions more clearly than i can guess at them… Yes i know not everyone is meant to be a shaman… infact if im correct its something youre born with… And i do believe i have the ability to be trained as a shaman… i just havent contacted my tribe for… well obvious reasons… A: i fear that they would call me crazy… B: I am unable to make visions or otherwise prove my powers in anyway… basically i have no control over them. and C: I’m afraid of being connected to some crackpot that doesnt really know anything… If you could contact me it would be greatly appreciated… its [email protected] Ill let you know right now… i know very little facts at all about tribal ways… or even shaman ways… so yea… im in a sad state but help learning how to control whatever powers i do have would be much appreciated…

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