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Dear Rose, Just recently knew wicca, im in the stage of reading and learning all of its practices, i live in the city, i have never started casting a spell, cause i know people would not understand what im into. i’d like to ask if it’s effective to cast a spell without having able to cast a circle? and how to cast a circle especially for the first time. hoping for your response. Blessed Be. Lui

Welcome to the wicca way of living.

A circle is our sacred space. It doesn’t have to be a physical circle with boundaries that we can see. You can also use an imaginary circle around you. If you have an altar, you can just draw an imaginary circle around it.

If you have an athame (the ritual broom) you can use it to clear the circle of negative energy. You can also clear the negative energy by burning incense. If you cast a circle, at least in your mind, it may make our mind more focused and strong and our scattered energies will become more in tune with the Universal energy. 

If you have a private space, even a room, you can clear away most of the things in the room and cast a small circle in the center. Its good to stay inside the circle until after your ritual is complete. So gather all the things you need for the ritual and sit in the circle. You may use candles to represent the deity. You can mark your circle with flowers, stones or twigs. If you prefer to just have the circle in your mind, its okay too. With your mind (or a broom or Athame if you have one)  clear the sacred space. Light the candles and incense and meditate for some time, reading a spiritual book.

Once you have all your sacred objects with you, close the circle by ritually making your space private and out of bounds for negative energies. You may start your ritual by welcoming the God and Goddess and also the four elements (Water, Earth, Air and Fire). Then perform you ritual with utmost concentration and conviction. After you have completed the ritual, continue seated for a while absorbing the positive energies around you. Slowly come back to this plane and thank the Deities for guiding you. Bid farewell to the four elements and slowly, when you are ready, open the circle.

Blessed Be!

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  1. Gayle says:

    I was reading this person’s post and the reply. I noticed the use of the word “athame” and its definition. Isn’t an athame the ritual dagger and the ritual broom the besom? Gayle

  2. Makenna says:

    I think people have different definitions for the word….They don’t really put cool in the dictionary as “something thats awesome” but as like something cold or whatever… It doesn’t matter what the definition is though, as long as it’s used correctly!

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