Is my house number (8) lucky?

My house no. is 8. Could you please tell me what is the meaning for this number 8 ? And you have suggested many people to stick this number on door, so could you please tell me which number is good for luck whether meatalic or any other ?

Merry Meet, Seeker!

Thank you for your question! I am going to answer your last question first. The part where you ask which number is lucky …

Naturally there are lucky numbers, but which one it is will differ from one person to the next. If somebody fears the number 7, then he or she will consider it unlucky AND it will be unlucky. If you like the number 8, then it will be lucky for you.

Having said this, different numbers do have different meanings. By using the right number for the right situation will certainly be lucky in its own way. This is the art of numerology.

Your House Number

Your house number is 8. The number eight is a high energy number that brings power, recognition and authority. It also symbolizes the law and Karma. Eight drives for balance – often between the material and the spiritual. Eight is also typically about complete organisation – bordering on perfection. Eight is also great for the achievement of material success.

In view of this, if you want to find balance in your life and achieve as much material success as you possibly can, you could go beyond placing an eight on your door. You can plant groups of eight plants, use eight stepping stones and so forth as well.

So yes, from a balance and an achievement perspective, eight is a very fortunate number indeed.

Brightest Blessings!

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12 Responses to “Is my house number (8) lucky?”

  1. Diana says:

    Hi rose, can you tell me what is my house luck number? I await your responds. Thank You.Blessing-Diana

  2. mayur says:

    my business name is sm8 corp. Is it lucky or unlucky??

  3. Amit says:

    My name is Amit Bhise and my DOB is : 30-03-1974.I am planning to rent a house in this week and i want to know which number house will be suitable for me , i am looking for a business success in this house .Want to knw my lucky house numbers for the same .Pls Advice ..Thanks

  4. deepak khatri says:

    hi.. my DOB is 05 JAN 1983.. i am planning to buy a house, wish to know if House no which 35 is lucky for me? How about 36? which one is better?

  5. cindi says:

    I just read on your site that 8 is a lucky house number, I am interest in a home on my street whick is #44 which 4+4=8 would this also be lucky?

  6. Lyn Imperial says:

    we are planning to move to our new house in one nice subdivision in Lipa City..Please advise me on what specific date we move in? We planned to move in on November 28, 2009, is it a good date? My birthday falls on July 7, 1956, my husband (Oct. 28, 1955), my eldest son (Nov.2, 1983) my daughter (May 30, 1985 and my youngest (July 4, 1994) Hope to hear from you sooner..thanks a lot

  7. maria elana mendoza says:

    hi, we plan to move to our new house this may, 2010. please tell me what date is most auspicious for the family. my birthdate is august 19, 1973 and my husband’s birthdate is may 20, 1974.

    hope to receive your advise soon!

    thanks and God bless

  8. Nice says:

    Hi!! We are moving to our new house next month August 10. Please tell me if most auspicious for my family.

  9. Leai Bituin says:

    Hi plano po naming lumipat ng bahay ngayong darating na Aug. 9, 2010. Maari po bang malaman kung ito ay masuerteng petsa sa paglipat, ang araw ng aking kapanganakan at Feb 25, 1979. Salamat.

  10. Vibhor Gandhi says:

    Hi rose.
    Currently i m staying in Flat no. 504, add. : 7/170
    I m planning to hift to my exsisiting bungalow no. 2/15
    Which is lucky for me? Flat Add. OR Bungalow Add.?

  11. natash says:

    Hi Rose,
    My date of birth is 16 th. I am going to buy a house number 125 .Is it lucky for me ?

  12. Mina says:

    Hi my date of birth is 27.3.1969 we have sold our house looking to rent can you please let me know what house no is lucky . Our house number was 1 we have sold it we had lots of problems so please advise thankyou

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