Is the Key of Soloman evil?

I know i have to saerch to find a true religion for me, but i am just wondering about The Key of Soloman. Is it evil or something to bo considered?

This is the introduction for the Key of Solomon and I think it will give you a clear idea of the purpose behind the book and its contents. This link will take you to the text –
The Key of Solomon is the most famous Magic handbook. As A.E. Waite said, “At the head of all, and, within certain limits, the inspiration and the source of all, stands the Key of Solomon. Mathers’ presentation of the Key of Solomon, which is still in print, though the work of an uncritical hand, must be held to remove the necessity for entering into a detailed account of the contents of that curious work. … The Key of Solomon can scarcely be judged accurately in the light of its English version, for the translator, preternaturally regarding it as a highly honourable memorial of lawful magic, has excised as much as possible the Go tic portions, on the ground that they are interpolations, which is of course arbitrary.”

Mr. Waite’s harsh criticism is hardly justified. In fact, Mathers excised very little. Actually, three of the four significant excisions are operations dealing with love magic (Colorno, chapters 11-13: The experiment of Love, and how it should be performed; The experiment or operation of the Apple; Of the operation of love by her dreams, and how one must practice it. The fourth excision is chapter 14: Operations and experiments regarding hate and destruction of enemies.)

It is true that the Mathers edition would not be considered critical by modern standards of scholarship (but Waite’s editions of various esoteric texts leave far more to be desired than Mathers’). Especially wanting are a proper critical apparatus, an analysis of the relation between manuscripts, and better utilization of the Latin and Italian manuscripts. Nevertheless, this edition has stood the test of time.

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