Spell removal….

“i am trying to remove a speel that i put on my self after i lost my twins i can do speels but i cant remove them can you help”

Well, it seems like it really depends on what type of spell that you put on yourself. There is rarely a catch all for things of this nature, as much of what is done depends on the will and the impetus behind why it was done in the first place – not to mention determining what the effects of said spell was initially meant to be. You said that you placed the spell on yourself after having lost your twins. Perhaps if you could clarify what the circumstances of this loss was, and what the outcome you had hoped to achieve with the spell, it would be a bit easier to determine a way in which it could then subsequently be removed. It would be very different to remove some form of helpful blessing as opposed to taking away the power from something that was harmful and malignant. For some you can simply inverse the ritual. For others there would be other distinct rituals that would ward off the effects of the previous. And for others still, if the magic was yours to begin with, you could simply will it gone and the effects would expire. So, if it is still a problem for you, feel free to write to me again and let me know more of the specifics to go with it and I’ll do whatever I can do to help you. Until then, good luck.

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  1. Joanie says:

    I feel like I am cursed in anything I do lately. Can you please suggest something for me to do or say. My bad luck with jobs and money has gone to a new altime level in my life. I feel like I am cursed. Please help me.

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