What should the goals of a good Wiccan be?

These are the Thirteen Goals of a Witch: 

1. Know Yourself to the best of your abilities – This is a lifetime job. As much as we learn of ourselves there is always more.

2. Know Your Craft – Practice with every living breath.

3. Learn every day- The mind needs always to be fed and exercised.

4. Apply Knowledge & Wisdom in your daily lives – Learn from your lessons as well as others around you and put these teachings to work.

5. Achieve Balance in all of life – Balance in all areas of life makes for a clearer mind.

6. Keep The Words You Speak In Good Order – The words from your lips are the mirrors as to how you will be perceived and children will learn.

7. Keep The Thoughts You Think In Good Order – Many believe to this day that it does not matter what we think but this is untrue. Our thoughts are as important as our deeds.

8. Celebrate Life and Nature – Hug a tree, thank the food you eat for sacrificing it s life to help yours remain. Laughter heals emotional wounds and in turn the body heals. Celebrations bring laughter to all who truly join in.

9. Attune With The Cycles Of The Earth – Nature is within us as well as without. We need to connect with nature to be true to ourselves.

10. Breathe The Air & Eat Food Correctly – Proper breathing is done through your nose not your mouth. Eating correctly is making sure the food has natural values and is not harmful to your body, mind or soul.

11. Exercise Your Body Daily – Exercise allows your body to be worked, stored up energies to be released and strength overall. Especially with today s stress, proper exercise releases daily stress and energizes our bodies with healing, positive energy.

12. Meditate and Relaxation – Clearing our minds to truly rest it is good overall. Meditation also helps us to learn and appreciate discipline.

13. Honor The Mother Goddess and The Father God – Our creators give always and it is of love to give in return. Love is the reason we are alive!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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