What supplies do I need to be a witch?

what supplies do i need to be a witch?

The specific supplies you will need to practice Wicca depend on personal preference and the spells that you will be casting.

However, here is a list of things that most Wiccans keep for their altar or on hand.

Sage: Sometimes in the form of a smudge stick or bundle, fresh sage is used to purify and cleanse.

Salt: Table salt will work, though some practitioners prefer sea salt. Salt is used in almost all protective magicks.

An altar knife: Personal preference is key here, but most practitioners prefer having a small blade to use in rituals.

An altar cloth: Again, this is personal preference with most people leaning toward silk or animal fur or plain cotton. Generally, the key is to avoid synthetic products and find a fabric with ties to the earth.

Mortar and pestel: used for grinding herbs for rituals. Most Wiccans keep a separate one from their cooking stock as materials used in spell-casting should not be mixed with herbs used for cooking.

Candles: Some people prefer cnadles made of bee’s wax, but any candles will do. Various colors can be used in different spells and those used most commonly are white.

Small bowls or dishes: Again, personal preference is key, but many practitioners look for handmade clay bowls to contain water and sand for various rituals.

These are some of the key supplies that you are likely to use over and over again. Otherwise, supplies tend to be spell specific and you can pick up the supplies you need as you go.

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