Where do I get a handfasting ceremony performed?

Can you tell me about the handfasting ceremony and how do i go about getting one performed. Do you have to be any certain religion?

A handfasting ceremony is the oldest form of marriage, and there is a wonderful scene depicting it in “Braveheart” ( I know, I’m so against the Hollywoodation of wicca, but it really is a good scene.) It is a ceremony between you, your intended, and god alone, and you need no pares to make it leagal. UYnfortunaltey, there is nothing you cvan do to make it legal, as handfasting is not recognized in the United States. You will have no claim to health insurance benefits or anything else that “real” married people enjoy legally. Much like same sex marriages, handfasting is considered not valid. Too bad. Originally, the marriage lasted a year and a day, and if the couple wanted to stay together after that, they would recommit. You do not have to be of any specific faith to have one, and they can be preformed by anyone who knows what they are doing, they don’t even have to be an ordained minister, although most wiccans I know have had both a handfasting ceremony and a “secular ” ceremony.

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