Will witchcraft pring me joy and peace?

How do I obtain joy, peace and security through Witchcraft?

By practicing it and mostly by associating yourself with people of like minds. Solitary practicing is fine, you don’t have to join a tribe or coven, but having some friends who think like you do is always fun. Solstice ceremonies are more fun when there are people and potlucks.

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  1. dustin Noah says:

    I agree havung freinds with like minds in a pagan community is very good feeling. I think that their is a joy , and peace that you can get from the spiritual side as well. Lots of people out there do live in rule areas, and do not have a local pagan comunity making it very hard to meet people in their area. I am not saying that is an excuse to not drive to anthor town, and find some freinds, but it does make things harder. That is where that inner peace that if you work hard enough can be attained through the craft.
    their were times in my life that I felt very alone, and the craft gave me a peace of mind, a feeling of joy if you will. I guess to sum it up lets not forget about the witchs from the past that were forst to work in secret, they had no one to turn to but the gods or goddesses at times
    be well

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