3 Love Spells That Really Work

Romany Mirror Binding Love Spell
Get a small photo of yourself and a small photo of your lover. Find a small mirror about the size of the photos. Place the photographs on either side of the mirror so that the faces are looking at each other with the mirror in between.

Bind the three objects (two photos with the mirror in between) with red cord and knot it tightly chanting your intentions loudly. Wrap the bound mirror in red silk cloth. Again wrap the package with thread so that it is very secure and the photos will not move around. Now hide this package somewhere. The best location will be the target’s property. It is best to bury in your yard near some plants or trees of love such as apple trees, roses, etc. If you do not have land, get a pot with some dirt and hide it under the dirt.

Brightest Blessings.

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