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Practice and Theory of Chaos Magick

Chaos theory is the study of how small changes in our environment may easily create pandemonium if the conditions are ripe. Even small differences in preliminary conditions can result if widely varied results. One of the most evident chaotic systems is our weather. Without warning, weather can go in many different directions or suddenly disappear altogether. Also, we know that Mother Nature has Her [...]

Four Free Candle Love Spells

Turn Friendship into Love Spell ——————————– For this spell, you will need a Lover’s candle which is usually red in color and has an entwined naked pair. Of course may also create a Lover’s candle to your own specifications according to your preference. You will also need a blunt knife and some love oil such as Rose oil, Jasmine [...]

Ancient Magic Books

Magick has been around since the world began. Yes, even before the humans arrived. Of course, there weren’t any humans to know about it. It was many years after the arrival of Mother Nature that humans came to Earth. Magick was all around and they quickly caught on, probably with the help of humanly invisible helpers. 1. One of the oldest books that dealt with the subject of Magick is “The [...]

Five Money Making Spells

1. Dollar Sign Candle Spell ———————— For this spell, you will need the following items: Green candle, money drawing powders, botanicals such as essential oil of basil, bergamot, aspen leaves, five-finger grass, dried basil, chamomile blossoms, fern seeds, fenugreek, ginger root, etc. Step 1: Using a dull knife, carve your identifying [...]

Four Real Magic Spells for Beginners

Saint Anthony Locate a Missing Object Spell ————————————————- 1. Saint Anthony is believed to be the hero who helps clueless people to find missing or lost items. As a request to Saint Anthony, various chants have been created. Most people believe that just vocalizing the rhyme is adequate enough to work. [...]

Angels, Spirits, Guides

Angels, Spirits, Guides How many of us have thought about where humans and other living beings came from, where we go after death and who controls the world as we see it? Sometimes the wise ones ask us questions such as: 1. How do some people “inherently” know music while others are so ignorant about it? 2. How can a human being connect with the history of our ancestors and other [...]

3 Guarenteed Love Spells

Love spells, just like any other spells can be guaranteed only if the person who is working on it can raise enough energy to direct it into the Universe. Although everyone in this world (and other worlds) has powers beyond their knowledge, not everyone can cast spells and get a 100% success. However, with practice and lots of patience, everyone will be able to see the rainbow. Here are some simple [...]

4 Phases of the Moon Spells

1. Full Moon Lunar Divination Spell ———————————– Lunar divination is believed to be enhanced by the power of water. This water draws down the Moon. This Lunar charged water is extremely powerful may be used in spells and potions. It may also be substituted where holy water or any other sacred water is needed. This Moon charged [...]

4 Free Powerful Love Spells

Love spells are the most demanded of all spells around the world. As Love is what life is all about, most people realize that life is nothing without someone to love. It could be a child, siblings, parents, friends or others that we care for. However, those who are selfish and do not care about others will soon realize that love is what moves the world. The most requested of Love spells include Love [...]

How to find Pagan supply shops

How to find Pagan supply shops Pagan supply shops are almost everywhere around the cities. All we have to do is to look in earnest without dismissing unusual places in your own home!. The first place you need to look is in your own house! Yes, our house, especially, our kitchen is one of the most important places to look for pagan supplies. Around the Home: In the home, you can find candles, paper [...]

Four Myths About Witchcraft

1. Satan/Devil/whatever controls Witchcraft As usual, the three powerful religions in the world will do anything to denigrate the other world religions. Actually, from all of the religions that existed since the beginning of time, the only religion that has survived is Witchcraft. Why would a religion remain throughout the ages when all others perished and new ones are created? The reason is that [...]

Three Free Easy Witchcraft Spells

1. Lakshmi Good Luck Spell ———————– Goddess Lakshmi is known for her generosity and benevolence. Billions of people pray and petition Goddess Lakshmi to increase their wealth and beauty and Goddess Lakshmi is believed to grant them what they need. If you wish to invite her into your home, bringing blessings of prosperity and wisdom, here is a spell [...]

Black Magic for the Beginner

Magick was the beginning of creation. Our entire world that we see with our eyes is the result of unending, unfathomable magic! It is almost like there is no beginning and no ending. Just like reincarnation, life goes on and on and on forever! In the early times, when greed was not so prevalent, people knew that all humans were powerful because they were made to be so. We were not weaklings that depended [...]

Three Easy Love Spells

There are many requests for Love Spells. However, most of us do not know the reason may not come to visit us. Here are some ideas on how to attract love into your life. 1. Love cannot be bought by presenting those you love with expensive gifts 2. Love is energy that needs to be created internally before you can express it externally. 3. Love flows like a river and does not worry about the [...]

4 Faery Magick Spells

1. Fairy Tears Safety Spell —————— The Crystal Gemstone Staurolite, which is also called “Cross Stone” or Fairy tears. This gemstone is formed by twin crystals that form into a cross or an X shape. To protect against car accidents, just place this stone in the car, in the glove compartment. You may also wear it as a traveler’s charm. 2. Fairy offering [...]

Five Black-Magic Love Spells

1 Follow me Footprint Spell —————————- For this spell, you will need to pick up an entire footprint of the person you are attracted to. Step 1: Find the footprint of the one you are in love with. Step 2: Dig up the complete foot print of the person you care for deeply. Step 3: Now whisper over the footprint informing the feet that you wish to see [...]

Benefits of Witch Hazel

Witch-hazel is a flowering plant that belongs to the family Hamamelidaceae. It is usually found in places like China, Japan and parts of North America. In some areas of the world, Witch-hazel is also referred to as Winterbloom. The Witch-hazel plants are small trees which may grow up to a height of 8 meters (26 ft). The scientific name of Hamamelis was derived because of the fact that this tree grows [...]

How to cast a free love spell

Love spells are the most popular of all spells. Everyone around the world wish they have many people who will love them. This includes family, friends and people who are attracted to them for many reasons. On any of the internet web sites that deal with spells, you will find that most requests are for love spells. It is amazing how most people spring back after the shock of a bad relationship only [...]

Discovery of lucid dreaming

Early Egyptians may have discovered the dreams and symbols that are transmitted through dreams. They believed that human body was composed of three parts – Shat, the corpse body, Ka the living body and Ba the soul which was believed to have the ability to float above us. The discovery of lucid dreaming is attested to Tibetan Buddhists in the eighth century AD. They have been practicing Lucid [...]

Five candle love spells

1. Eight of Wands Spell ———————— The eight of wands tarot card is love at first sight as it represents the arrows of love. For this romantic spell, you will need a red candle, love drawing oils, eight of wands card, rose quartz and charm bag. Step 1: Carve your hopes and dreams on the candle. Step 2: Dress the candle with love drawing oils. Step 3: [...]
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