Wicca Rules Most Wiccans Follow

Above all, Wiccans believe in the power of the divine that resides in every human being. The soul or spirit of each and every living being on this realm has the power to transform the experiences of the beings themselves as well as those around them. The Goddess and God, the five Elements of the Earth (Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit), and the Circle are used as aides during witchcraft ceremonies in which visualizations and creative thoughts are used to generate future occurrences.

Overall, it is the belief in the power of their own minds and spirits that makes the most difference to the lives of Wiccan practitioners. They may create an altar or private and sacred space where they can sit and visualize future happenings. They may have an outdoor altar in a garden or a clearing on a mountain top. They may use tools like an Athame, a Besom or a chalice in their spell working rituals. They may use items like incense, oils, candles, herbs, gemstones, flowers, etc to enhance their spell-working experiences. Some witches are also powerful psychically and can help others around them in various ways.

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